Mask Singer 2024 launches this Friday, May 3 on TF1. For several weeks, production has been ramping up the excitement by revealing a series of trickle-down clues about the costumes for season 6…

A new edition of Mask Singer arrives on TF1 this Friday May 3, from 9:10 p.m. The first channel is launching the sixth season of this colorful and glittery show, after a lively season of Dancing with the Stars, in a spirit that it undoubtedly hopes is more consensual. Mask Singer is still hosted by Camille Combal. And if we are to believe the confidences skillfully distilled on social networks and in some secret media, this new season promises new surprises and even more enigmatic masked personalities.

For this season 6 of Mask Singer, the team of investigators remains composed of two familiar figures: the unmistakable Kev Adams and the sparkling Chantal Ladesou. They are joined by two new recruits this year, Inès Reg and Laurent Ruquier. The latter, who is making a new start after having been at the helm of talk shows on France 2 for a long time, then a quickly aborted program on BFMTV, expresses his enthusiasm: “I said to myself, seeing the investigators for several seasons, that it was a job that I could do where I could have fun because I like to improvise, mess around, guess who the characters are,” he said in the media. Laurent Ruquier will also host “Le bureau de Laurent Ruquier” in the second part of the evening, where he will receive unmasked celebrities.

Mask Singer 2024 should see around twenty masked candidates parade this season. If a few characters are missing, the production has already revealed a list of twelve initial costumes, each carrying mystery and originality:

The Mask Singer disguises rely, as every year, on the effect of surprise and a certain exuberance which should push the “stars” candidates to a good dose of audacity and to let go.

For this new edition of Mask Singer, TF1 announces stars with impressive pedigrees, some having received distinctions such as the Grammy Awards, the Brit Awards, or, in a completely different genre, the Legion of Honor. The production also promises participants who have more than 70 million records sold and hundreds of millions of viewers around the world.

In addition to the regular Mask Singer competitors, the 2024 season will be enhanced by the presence of two international stars who will perform outside of competition, each on a separate evening. In addition, a new twist will animate this sequence of Mask Singer: a personality will try to infiltrate the game during the season to join the competition, creating an additional element of surprise and intrigue.

For weeks and even before the launch of Mask Singer, the predictions have been going well, skillfully maintained by careful communication, with clues scattered here and there on social networks and in hand-picked media. Who is behind the majestic costume of the Geisha Samurai or the amusing Hamster? Here are the clues that we were able to glean and the predictions of Internet users.

Still missing from this list are the clues about the pearl, the robot rabbit, the hand and the wig, which are sure to arrive during the Mask Singer season. But another particular costume will also intrigue fans: a mystery costume that the jurors and viewers will have to discover. As a first clue, the production has already given five words to find in a grid: mushroom, friend, grain, heat and butterfly. A second clue in the form of a video indicated that the character in the mystery suit particularly liked  white, that his favorite region was South America, that it corresponds to all seasons and that its flavor is “sweet and salty “.

The clues would point to a popcorn costume, according to many Internet users who showed deduction on social networks. But who would be the international star hidden under the mystery costume? The names of former rugby player Serge Blanco, Colombian singer Shakira and chef Juan Arbelaez are already on everyone’s lips. We also think of Bigflo and Oli, of Argentinian origin…