Netflix has released the trailer for the next season of Lupine. But beware, there was a trick to discover it in preview.

You saw it, but you didn’t look. Netflix finally released the trailer for the next season of Lupine this Wednesday, September 6, 2023. But beware, the streaming platform was offering a little treasure hunt for its subscribers, because these images were in a first hidden times! Fortunately, the trailer was posted three hours later on the streaming giant’s official social networks, this time for everyone.

To see the trailer for Lupin: part 3, it was very simple: all you had to do was go to the site. There, a message appears: “Put yourself in Lupine mode in order to watch it now”. A cryptic message which was quickly explained on the social networks of the streaming platform. It was enough to put yourself in incognito mode for the page to change and for the trailer for the rest of the series to appear.

Since then, the first footage of Season 3 of Lupine has been uploaded for all to see by Netflix. In this trailer, the on the run robber played by Omar Sy warns the police that he is going to steal the Black Pearl, a highly valuable jewel, in advance. This is the ransom demanded by kidnappers who kidnapped the burglar’s mother. The authorities, as well as his fans and demonstrators, can therefore be present at the time of the break-in. But Lupine announces it in this trailer, he has a “plan b”.

We won’t have to wait very long before seeing this sequel to the Netflix series. Lupine will be back for its third season on October 5, 2023. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the continuation of Assane Diop’s adventures for two years. Only a few more weeks until their wishes are granted!