A candidate from season 19 of the TF1 show filed a complaint against another participant in the show for sexual assault. The candidate in question was indicted.

In 2018, the film crew and candidates for the future season of “Koh-lanta”, the famous adventure show broadcast on TF1, met on the Fiji Islands for the filming of season 19. A season that the spectators will never see because filming had to be quickly interrupted. One candidate, Candide Renard, who turns out to be the daughter of the coach of the French women’s football team Hervé Renard, accused another candidate, Eddy Guyot, of sexual assault, as reported by Le Parisien. The broadcast was immediately stopped and the Nancy prosecutor’s office opened a judicial investigation on May 16, 2018, as recalled by BFMTV.

The facts, recounted by the victim and cited by Le Parisien, took place during the night of the fourth to fifth day of filming. Candide Renard said she was woken up in the middle of the night by Eddy Guyot while he was kissing her and passing his hand under her clothes. Ms. Renard then notified production by means of a walkie-talkie made available to candidates in the event of an emergency. Production was then interrupted and, as relayed by BFMTV, the president of the ALP production house declared in May 2018: “we are neither judge nor prosecutor and want to respect the word of one as well as the presumption of innocence of the other (…) As a producer we have, however, the duty to note the consequences on the filming (…) In consultation with the teams on site, I considered that the conditions of production of this new edition were no longer sufficiently serene”.

The show ends and the candidates must therefore return to France. Upon his return on May 13, 2018, Candide Renard filed a complaint against Mr. Guyot. As indicated by BFMTV, the latter was arrested when leaving the plane and was placed in police custody before being released after a 4-hour hearing. The media indicates that following the complaint filed by the candidate, the public prosecutor’s office in Nancy, in Meurthe-et-Moselle where Eddy Guyot resides, opened a judicial investigation on May 16, 2018. The investigation continues and, as revealed by Le Parisian this Thursday, March 28, it was not until November 16, 2022 that the candidate was indicted for sexual assault. On March 14, 2023, Mr. Guyot contested this indictment before the investigating chamber of the Nancy Court of Appeal, which then rejected his request, as Le Parisien explains. From now on, Eddy Guyot is under threat of trial. As Candide Renard’s lawyer, Me Léon Del Forno, told BFMTV: “My client is still determined to obtain justice.”

For his part, the accused denies the facts. In May 2018, Eddy Guyot told his version of the facts to Télé Star where he declared: “every evening, I slept between a man and the wall of the cabin. Candide was further away”. He also said: “when the cameramen came back in the night to film us, I woke up and Candide was half on top of me. It was filmed and that completely exonerates me.”