In L’amour est dans le pré this Monday September 18 on M6, Olivier must face an unfortunate disappointment when starting his stay on the farm.

Love is in the meadow is a show which offers many twists and turns for the spectators, but especially for the farmers who participate in the show. This Monday, September 18, it is Olivier who will bear the brunt of a twist of fate. As we learn from Télé-Loisirs, which was able to watch the episode broadcast this evening in advance on the 6playMax platform, one of her suitors canceled her stay at the farm at the last moment.

It’s Laurine, for whom Olivier fell in love while reading the letters and speed dating. Only Corinne finally makes the trip. Indeed, the second contender was “restrained by family and professional obligations”.

This news did not fail to disappoint the candidate of L’amour est dans le pré: “I am rather disappointed that Laurine is not coming because I really liked her at speed-dating. That’s how it is. I I’m going to live my 5 days with Corinne and then, too bad for Laurine”.

And he is not the only one to be disappointed, reports Télé-Loisirs. Indeed, when Olivier comes to pick up his second suitor, Corinne, at the station, he immediately announces the change of program: “Laurine will not come. She has started work again and she has family problems, so she will not come. . It’s a shame, but that’s how it is.”

Against all expectations, this information panics Corinne: “I’m a little disappointed that there isn’t Laurine because I wouldn’t want him to feel obliged to be with me, I wouldn’t want to be a wheel of help, I had this feeling when he told me. I would have the opportunity to discuss it again with him.”

Will this paradigm shift create a chill between the two singles? Will Olivier find love with Corinne? This is what the faithful of L’amour est dans le pré will be able to discover from this evening and every Monday on M6, or in replay the next day on the free streaming platform 6play.