HERE IT ALL STARTS. In the episodes of Here it all begins broadcast from February 20, Ethan hears a conversation that may reveal a secret between Emmanuel Teyssier and his mother. Summary in advance and spoilers.

[Updated on February 17, 2023 at 6:30 p.m.] In the episodes of Here everything begins broadcast from February 20, upset at not having been chosen as second by Chief Teyssier and having been harshly criticized, Ethan is in the midst of a crisis of confidence. So much so that his entourage wonders if he has not plunged back into his addiction to amphetamines… Moreover, he overhears a strange conversation between his mother and his teacher. Worried about her son, Annabelle Cardone asks Teyssier not to go too hard on her son, she didn’t need him as a father at the time and that’s still not the case today. Could Ethan be the son of Emmanuel Teyssier?

Still at the institute, in the episodes of Here it all begins for the week of February 20, Theo is still intrigued by the identity of the mysterious chef with whom he has established a culinary correspondence. But it’s David and Deva who find the lunch box he slipped under the counter and feast on its contents. That’s why Jude sees Deva putting the container back in its place. It was enough for the two young men to think that the mystery is solved. Theo seems disappointed with this discovery but, of course, he is mistaken. Eventually, overhearing a conversation between David and Deva, Anais understands that the mystery leader is Theo! Will she continue this little game?

For their part, after spending the night together, Gaëtan and Salomé would like to remain discreet, but that was without counting on their roommates. Livio and Amber indeed surprise them when they wake up in the same bed. The coach and the young chef are then forced to assume this budding relationship. In the episodes of ITC broadcast from Monday February 20 on TF1, Gaëtan confides in Salomé about his feelings, but this romantic moment is spoiled by Livio and Ambre who motivate them to move up a gear by sending them text messages.