HERE IT ALL STARTS. In episode 625 of Here it all begins on Tuesday, March 21, Vic ends up revealing that her trainer had tried to rape her. Summary in advance and spoilers.

In Here It All Begins Episode 625 from March 21, Vic is shunned by everyone now that her secret has been revealed. Did she really try to kill her trainer? Hortense, Rose and Clotilde would like to know her version of the facts, but Vic closes up and replies that it’s all behind her. Surprised that Vic doesn’t try to justify herself, Enzo and Clotilde think that she may have invented this story so as not to be suspected of being the one who sends the messages. But under pressure, Vic ends up confessing to them that her trainer tried to rape her and that she only defended herself. Clotilde blames herself for having treated her like a culprit and Hortense, who had not been informed, is now there to support her sister. Enzo apologizes, he is determined to corner the one who sends these messages and to make him pay dearly.

At the same time, Gaëtan asks Salomé questions about Thomas, but she is distant… She later confides in Laetitia: she cannot completely forget Thomas and still feels something when she sees him. But at the same time, she is very complicit with Gaëtan. Is Salome in love with Thomas or Gaëtan? It seems she likes both, but she’s going to have to make a choice. On the Tuesday, March 21 episode of ITC, while Gaëtan expresses his concerns to Joachim about Salomé’s feelings, she clears things up with Thomas. Even if she still has feelings for him, she loves Gaëtan and would like to build something with him.

Finally, still in the episode of Here it all begins broadcast on March 21 on TF1, Antoine admits to Rose that a project has been on his mind: he would like to set up a cooking workshop in the middle of nature, so that the students have another group dynamic and another relationship to work. As few utensils and ingredients as possible and above all, zero hierarchy. Rose is surprised but trusts him. For their part, the students are up for it and Teyssier even ends up joining the project. He thinks this “Koh-Lanta” workshop is a great idea and offers to lead a pastry workshop. Not used to having his support, Antoine wonders if there isn’t a wolf, but Teyssier assures him that there isn’t. Really ?