HERE IT ALL STARTS. In episode 613 of Here it all begins this Friday, March 3, Axel understands that he is the son of Auguste Armand, he rejects the Teyssiers and disappears. Summary in advance and spoilers.

In episode 613 of Here it all begins on March 3, Teyssier announces to Cardone that he has agreed to go to work at his school in Lille. He does not want to declare war on the Armand clan by revealing that Axel is Auguste’s son and therefore finds an excuse to justify his sudden resignation: a new outbreak of multiple sclerosis. But Clotilde is suspicious, she doesn’t believe it. For his part, Axel finally discovers the truth. In a recipe book by Auguste Armand, he finds a dedication from his mother and understands that she had a love affair with the chef. Emmanuel confirms to her that Auguste Armand is her biological father. Upset and convinced that his whole family lied to him, Axel no longer wants to see any Teyssier. But he doesn’t know that Lola and Philippe didn’t know either. Seeing that Axel does not answer them and that no one knows where he is, they are worried sick. Where did he go ?

At the same time, at the institute, Kelly still has trouble gaining respect from Lionel and Tom who do as they please in the kitchen. For Ambre, the solution would be to teach them a little lesson: a 100% female brigade to prove to them that they know how to manage a kitchen without them. Theo has nothing against this idea, but Myriel is a little more refractory. Why forming a women’s brigade for a single day immediately seems like a scandal when an all-male brigade does not shock anyone? In the Friday, March 3 episode of ITC, Theo and Olivia manage to convince the principal thanks to the shocking arguments of the latter. The decision is made, the girls will take control, no offense to Tom and Lionel.

Finally, in the episode of Ici tout commence aired on March 3 from TF1, Eliott remarks that Hortense’s to-do list is a little eccentric and does not really include things that can be done… except telling her sister that she loves him and to pass his license. They will start there. Even though she has already failed the driving test four times, he encourages her to try again. But it starts rather badly because Hortense is not even able to start. Eliott reassures her, he restores her confidence and she finally manages to start and drive! Hortense would also like to help her friend achieve his dreams, but he tells her that he doesn’t need a list because everything he wanted is about to happen. He’s just hesitating whether or not to invite his father to his wedding with Greg.