HERE IT ALL STARTS. In episode 626 of Here it all begins this Wednesday, March 22, Enzo leads the investigation and ends up suspecting Hortense. Summary in advance and spoilers.

In Episode 626 of Here It All Begins on March 22, Hortense suggests to Enzo that Tom might be the one to reveal their secrets, in revenge for blaming him for poisoning Teyssier during the championship. The messages started right after her relationship with Billie started, she could have told him anything. Enzo therefore leads the investigation, but he understands that Tom was not aware. This falls from the clouds when he learns of everything that has happened. For him, Hortense is the suspect… she didn’t appreciate that Mehdi joined the circle and not her. While the couple formed by Billie and Tom is torn apart, Clotilde, nostalgic for the beginnings of the circle, confesses to Rose that her secret was that she was in love with Emmanuel Teyssier. What to attract the mockery of his sister. For his part, Enzo is determined to follow the only lead he has, he will do everything to find out if Hortense is the crow.

At the same time, Jasmine can’t turn the page and is angry with Axel. Even though he assures her that he loves her, that he has never cheated on her and that having slept with Amber meant nothing to him, Jasmine has lost confidence, she feels be a consolation prize. And what Amber reveals to her isn’t going to help matters… In the Wednesday, March 22 episode of ITC, Amber admits that she would have liked to go further with Axel. But she would like to reassure her friend, if Axel didn’t want to, it’s because he already had feelings for Jasmine. Result: Jasmine doesn’t know where she is anymore, she needs time. She can’t help thinking that if Amber had insisted as much as she did on going out with Axel, they might be a couple today.

Finally, in the episode of Here it all begins broadcast on March 22 on TF1, the project outside the walls organized by Antoine takes place in the marshes. The students have three hours to make a dessert with as few utensils as possible, and above all, without hierarchy. Myriel, convinced that they will be united, and Teyssier, more doubtful, observe the whole process. Finally, notably thanks to the oven made by David, the group manages to produce a wild violet choux pastry with its evaporated milk pastry cream and a nougatine of glasswort and custard with rosemary butter. Antoine is impressed and Teyssier recognizes that they did well, given the lack of equipment.