HERE IT ALL STARTS. In episode 620 of Here it all begins this Tuesday, March 14, Théo declares his love for Anaïs and does not leave her indifferent. Summary in advance and spoilers.

In episode 619 of Here everything begins broadcast on Tuesday March 14 on TF1, Anaïs has indeed succeeded in seducing Theo with her cooking. The Teyssier son is falling in love, but does not want to separate his friend from Lisandro. Jude is perplexed, according to him, Anaïs could well be attracted to Theo. However, the latter refuses when Anaïs offers him once again to cook together. The young woman is not fooled and insists on knowing what is going on. Teyssier’s son confesses everything: he is in love with her. Anaïs is touched and is even about to kiss Theo when, suddenly… Deva surprises them! Anaïs wants to make things clear and tells her classmate the truth: she almost gave in, but she is in love with Lisandro and she will now be careful. Deva promises not to say anything.

Still at the institute, Axel takes on the leading role in a real Greek tragedy despite himself. Louis dodges hoping his new brother will vote against his uncle. Axel refuses, realizing that the professor has been manipulating him from the start, even if the latter admits to him that he is simply counting on his voice to eject Teyssier. In this episode of Here it all begins, Louis has not finished fighting with his family and it is now his sisters who tell him that they do not see his candidacy with a good eye. Louis makes too many waves, Clotilde will finally be the candidate of the Armand clan, even if she agrees to delegate more responsibilities to her brother if she is elected. For his part, Axel reconnects with his adoptive family. Constance finally reveals to him that Lucie, his biological mother, did not want to take care of him and that illness did not play a role in this decision. Axel then realizes that Emmanuel and his parents were in fact ready to do anything to protect him. He now knows where his real family is.

Finally, in episode 619 of Here it all begins, broadcast on March 14 on TF1, Solal and Lionel wake up naked in the same bed, their hands smeared in pink. The two accomplices have no idea how they got there, even if the prospect of a night of love is inconceivable. The last thing they remember is cooking broth with mushrooms stolen from Souleymane. Would the market gardener keep hallucinogenic mushrooms? Eh yes ! The young man explains to them that he collected them for prevention. Lionel and Solal were well and truly drugged the night before. Kelly then comes to complete the puzzle: they showed up at her house at 10 p.m. to ask her to prepare food for them before doing anything in her kitchen. The young woman has not digested the event and gets annoyed when she learns that they have eaten hallucinogenic mushrooms. Things are getting tough for Lionel and Solal, Antoine has lost his car and it’s not Souleymane’s blow. The proof ? Solal has the vehicle keys in his bag. The two students are no longer laughing at all.