HERE IT ALL STARTS. In episode 603 of Here it all begins on Friday, February 17, 2023, Salomé intervenes with Teyssier so that Thomas can be reinstated. Summary in advance and spoilers.

[Updated Feb 16, 2023 6:30 PM] In the next episode of ITC on Friday Feb 17, Edouard Fayet informs Rose that Salomé wants to end their collaboration. Solal intervenes to accuse his father of having pressured, in vain. Thomas learns from Kelly that Salomé is stuck with Fayet’s contract and goes to see her at the Atelier. He tells her that he bought out Fayet’s contract: now Salomé will be able to work freely. Suspicious at first, she is then relieved. Gaëtan overhears an affectionate gesture from Thomas and leaves, annoyed. Yet Salomé has no desire to get back together with him. In Teyssier, Salomé asks to reinstate Thomas to his post as teacher. He gives in when Salomé threatens to reveal everything to Rose. Salomé rejoins the roommate and, when Gaëtan returns, assures her that she cares about him and kisses her.

Elsewhere at the Institute, Samia brings pastries with Billie, who has chicken pox and has been confined to her room. In the Friday, February 17 episode of Here it all begins, Tom stayed close to Billie, at a distance so as not to be contaminated. Through Samia, she learns that Tom has canceled an interview for an internship in a starred restaurant in Cannes. Billie asks him for an explanation and understands that Tom has feelings for her, even if he denies it. In class, Samia notices that Tom has pimples on his face and hands…

Finally, in the episode of ITC broadcast on Friday February 17, in the kitchen, Axel and Jasmine are training for the Festival of Taste. Chef Armand picks up things and gives them advice. To Jasmine, of whom she praises the merits of her dish, Clothilde offers her to be her second for the Festival. She enthusiastically accepts. For his part, Ethan confides in Axel: he thinks he made a mistake by refusing to be his mother’s second. Teyssier asks his students for a free creation around caramel. Axel seduces with his millefeuille and Teyssier asks him to be his second.