Does France have a chance of winning Junior Eurovision? The event which brings together sixteen young European talents takes place in Nice this Sunday, November 26!

The European singing competition for young people takes place on Sunday November 26 from 4 p.m. in Nice. For this 21st edition of Junior Eurovision, sixteen young artists from the four corners of Europe come together on the stage of the Palais Nikaïa. Last year, the victory was won by the Frenchman Lissandro, with his song Oh Maman!. Who is representing France this year?

Zoé Clauzure was chosen to represent the tricolor flag. The 13-year-old teenager from Hauts-de-Seine stood out during season 7 of The Voice Kids in 2020.

She will perform the song Heart, dedicated to victims of school bullying, during the competition. But does she have a chance of winning? It is difficult to predict in advance the victory or defeat of the candidates in the singing competition, since the public is responsible for voting, just like a jury of professionals. Unlike Eurovision, the public can vote, since Friday evening, for their own country.

In any case, its title with a particularly current theme can cause a sensation. The French Eurovision candidate was also enthusiastic at the 20-minute microphone to move to a “super good place”: she will in fact be the twelfth candidate to sing on the stage of the Palais Nikaïa. The place was determined by drawing lots.

Remember that, as with Eurovision, specialists are divided over the running order. For some, this is decisive, and it is better to go to the second part of the competition than at the very beginning, so that voters keep the performance in mind when voting. Zoé Clauzure’s running order seems, in this respect, perfectly advantageous.

While the same cannot be said of the adult version, France has been on the rise in the junior Eurovision contest for several years. France has indeed won twice recently: Valentina was the winner in 2020, and Lissandro is the last defending champion and won in 2022.

However, France is not THE favorite country in the history of the competition. Georgia has been the most successful in the history of the competition, having won in 2008, 2011 and 2016.

If we count the number of points awarded since 2017, the ranking differs. For 6 years, Poland has received the highest number of points, all editions combined. It is also the one that has won the most points by public vote for six years.

France has nothing to be ashamed of, however, since it ranks second, whether in overall vote, public vote or professional vote. An enviable place which can portend a good ranking for Zoé Clauzure this Sunday.