The comedian revealed by the Jamel Comedy Club died this Sunday, August 20, following a stroke. First hospitalized for a few days, he would not have survived the accident.

Franco-Algerian comedian Wahid Bouzidi died on Sunday August 20, 2023 at the age of 45. The announcement was made through his own Facebook account. Three days before his death, he had been struck by a stroke and hospitalized in emergency while he was on vacation in Morocco. From then on, he was plunged into a coma.

Wahid Bouzidi had been revealed thanks to stand-up and in particular by the Jamel Comedy Club. Since January 2023, he presented his one-man show “Wahid… he gets up” in different rooms across France. The comedian has also made a few appearances in the cinema during his career, playing a role in the comedies Case Départ, Encore Joyeux or Neuilly sa mère.