Percy Hynes White, who plays Xavier Thorpe in the series “Wednesday”, has reportedly been removed from the Netflix series after being accused of sexual assault.

He’s a major face from “Wednesday” who won’t be appearing on the Netflix series for season 2. Percy Hynes White, who played Xavier Thorpe (and one of the heroine’s romantic interests), is reportedly was fired from the series. In any case, this is what the Daily Mail says, citing a source close to the family. For its part, Netflix has not confirmed the information, ensuring that no decision regarding the casting of the series is made as long as the actors’ strike in Hollywood continues.

The 21-year-old Canadian actor has been facing sexual assault accusations since January. A first alleged victim spoke on January 19, 2023 on social networks, claiming that the interpreter of Xavier in “Wednesday” organized “parties with his friends and explicitly invited women they thought were sexy in order to make them sufficiently drunk to have sex with them.” Other testimonies followed, accusing the actor of sexual violence.

Percy Hynes White denied the accusations last June, saying the “rumors are false” on Instagram. “I cannot accept being portrayed as vicious or criminally compromising people’s safety. These accusations are unfounded and hurtful, and can create distrust towards real victims.”

Season 2 of “Wednesday” does not currently have a release date. Like all other programs on the streaming platform, production of the series, created by Tim Burton and having revealed Jenna Ortega to the general public, has been stopped by the actors’ and writers’ strike that has been hitting Hollywood since the spring . Remember, however, that this is Netflix’s third most viewed series of all time.