In the UK provides a spectacular, historic grave for attention. The identity is now known – and of the “last resting place” can’t be really the speech.

Essex/UK As a member of a Royal family, you should have in principle the right to a special kind of peace after his death – one might think, at least. In an approximately 1,400-year-estimated-old grave in the UK, this theory has not been implemented, however.

Like the “Daily Mail” reported, has been buried, the brother of the former Anglo-Saxon king Saebert in the North-East of London and nearby Essex County. While the grave was discovered in the year 2003, researchers have been known only to the Public, that appears to be a pretty important person in it was buried, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Royal burial Fund in addition to Aldi to contradict the previous assumption

In the United Kingdom is the revelation, therefore, as a “British Equivalent of the tomb of Tutankhamen”: in the Same way as the well-known Egyptian tomb, this sensational discovery had remained completely intact. “This is one of the most important archaeological discoveries in the history of England,” quoted the scientist is Sophie Jackson. On the English site of numerous recordings of the found objects are to be seen, also impressions and a Video of the burial chamber. The scientists discovered there are about 40 well-preserved utensils.

on the Basis of the Dental records, the researchers were able to get out that the corpse had been in the grave for at least six years old. With a length of 1.68 meters, the coffin was also a maximum for people in the Teenage age suitable. Due to the feature of the tomb is side dishes, it is also likely that it was a member of the Royal family.

in addition to Aldi: Spectacular tomb item provides theory on the head

In addition, the knowledge causes a stir, that religious items could be defined, which suggests that Christianity was already in front of well over 1,000 years in Britain is of great importance. This refutes the previous assumption that the majority of people were pagans at this time.

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hides The grave has been spilled over the years by a hill, which was one of the reasons why it had been protected over the many centuries, also against potential looters. Even if the “final resting place” in this supposedly well-protected: Still the site is no more, because in addition to a well attended branch of the German discounter Aldi, has left close to a Pub. According to the report, a great visit there.

A woman suffering from strong pain: when making a purchase At Aldi in Bavaria, she fell and broke the shoulder. However, the discounters denies everything the woman feels betrayed.