Netflix is ​​offering its subscribers the opportunity to discover a six-hour Korean mini-series that promises to be both intriguing and distressing.

Since Kingdom, Squid Game or All of us are dead, Korean series have been on the rise. No wonder Netflix is ​​banking on it and offering it in abundance for its subscribers. The first production from South Korea in 2024 can be discovered this January. Subscribers to the streaming platform will be able to binge-watch it in a few days. At once mysterious, dramatic and distressing, it brings together all the ingredients (on paper at least) to create a hit with audiences.

Ancestral is a new thriller created by Sang-Ho Yeon. And if you are a fan of Korean cinema, this name may not be completely unknown to you since he is the director and screenwriter of the brilliant Last Train to Busan and its sequel, Peninsula. Enough to catch the eye of movie buffs or fans of the horror genre!

In this mini-series, we follow the journey of Yun Seo-ha who inherits land and especially a cemetery from her family, from an uncle she does not know. This news brings back a heavy family past, especially since an unknown half-brother suddenly appears at the time of the funeral. While the heroine must deal with these upheavals in her life, supernatural and disturbing events occur at the same time as a strange murder.

Dark and full of suspense, Ancestral promises many twists and turns for Netflix subscribers who will discover its six episodes. Each lasting about an hour, the series can be watched in barely six hours, ideal for a weekend of not putting a toe outside. In the cast of this Korean mini-series, we find actress Hyun-joo Kim who already played in the first season of Hellbound. She plays the protagonist, Yun Seo-ha, who plays opposite actors Park Hee-Soon, who was able to play in Tramway, My name, Monstrum, Byung-eun Park, actor in the series Kingdom and Kyung-soo Ryu, seen previously in the film The Good Stars or in the first season of Hellbound.

Please note, however, that Ancestral is not recommended for those under 16 by the streaming platform. This promises “violence” in its program description! Presented as a miniseries, the plot should conclude and no season 2 should see the light of day. Ideal for busy subscribers who want quick and efficient entertainment. All six episodes of Ancestral are available on Netflix on January 19, 2024.