Fitness Star Sophia Thiel, at present, scarce in Instagram. All the more amazing photos from Düsseldorf now. Is it really?

Düsseldorf – Sophia Thiel (24) is one of the most famous Fitness Celebrities in Germany. They cooperated with Aldi, their Instagram page, comes to a whopping 1.3 million Followers, their Facebook page also. In this respect, it is of course a Hammer for Fans, if you know your Idol suddenly little more.

In the case of Instagram made Thiel last rar, very rar. The first two pictures you posted to the first ten may days – both of which act as archival photos, the latest indicates a paid partnership and shows Sophia Thiel on how to get to know you actually.

On Thursday, 9. In may there were two public appearances: an autograph session in the Düsseldorf Arcaden at noon, and the ceremony of the “German perfume award Duftstars” in the evening.

Sophia Thiel changed – Fans-in-wonder

shopping centre posted a photo of the Thiel with several employees. A reaction follows promptly. “Was not times thinner?”, it means including. “Nice to see a current photo of Sophia. You don’t need to hide! I hope you laughs at soon again,“ writes another supporter.

her sight came as a pleasant surprise. TO slim Sophia Thiel, the muscular and lean otherwise, so, therefore – some might say – had a significantly curvier than usual. This is gorgeous, but it’s all for the surprise.

in The evening, and not held Sophia Thiel then, according to the Express not too long on the Red carpet, but was photographed there, of course, nevertheless. On you will see a picture.

Too much advertising! Fans are spiteful Instagram to Sophia Thiel

Some Fan is these days anyway nasty to Sophia Thiel. Reason: a little news, a little Personal, a lot of advertising! “Your profile has changed a lot . Just advertising, shame!“, it is. And: “I’m out, only advertising here.”

A Followerin writes something cryptic, but the more evil: “Maybe you should get a little more with the body anatomy deal with it because you have no idea there is a reason, why you suffer constantly under Jo-Jo-effects.”

in Addition, it is speculated: “If it is indeed the fact, that it is in the bulk phase and so do not want to show, I think that’s more than ridiculous! By your Fans you got there, where it stands now and I just think it’s more than fair to talk with his Fans, too plain, otherwise you very quickly no more.“

Sophia Thiel has always been often miraculous changes. The biggest: you go from the somewhat fuller student to the Fitness model.

your new conversion makes the 24-Year-old, only more likeable. Also, the Express is impressed by the “new” Sophia Thiel: “The Fitness Star looked super pretty,” said the colleague.

Clearly, this day was changed to see also Sylvie Meis – their Fans had a suspicion.