The German football operation threatens to the end of the season to be boring. Bayern can complete a relatively weak year with the Double. Conceivable, however, is that what comes in between. Or who. RB Leipzig. The lawn ball sport athletes have it in Hand, to prevent with a victory in the Bundesliga the Munich championship celebration (provided Dortmund permitting) and in the DFB Cup final in Berlin on 25. May be Bayern again in the way. But would then attack the mechanisms of Schadenfreude? Would Leipzig get applause, and finally to belong to?

Ralf Rangnick wanted to be friendly. Some said He overdid it again. Self-indulgent.

ZDF had been invited by the coach of RB Leipzig in the Current sports Studio; it was because of the Team in the League had a good run, and in the DFB-Cup, reached the finals. It is usual that the guest of inaugural shoot at the end of the consignment to the goal. In General, against an Amateur kicker who has qualified with the Video of a specific goal or Trick. Celebrity and Nobody to shoot the “Three times down, three times above,” on the two holes, then they shake hands. And the celebrity claps, if the Nobody.

Ralf Rangnick wanted to offer more. A charm offensive. He umgarnte its goal opponents, Paul Görner Fortuna Babelsberg II, prior to the broadcast behind-the-Scenes, and after the 2:2 rank put in a nick properly. Presenter Dunja Hayali could no longer catch it with reference to the advancing time with him. Rank nick gave an even in the afternoon in the game against Wolfsburg by Timo Werner original-worn Jersey (“,match worn shirt’ that we say to it”), promised Tickets for the Cup final in Berlin and invited on top of that to the Party then in the team circle – “and your brother are you allowed to bring your own, of course”. Paul Görner shoot in front of the goal known to have had, an ardent FC Bayern and Arjen Robben-to be a Fan, seemed to be Ralf Rangnick rather to inspire. So he showered him with affection. And with liberality: “Like in the Bayern Jersey in our Dawg pound.”

they are Typically driven Rangnick, typical Leipzig: from the urge of standing over performing. RB, a single superlative. Best concept, most sensible squad planning, most peaceful and most family-friendly fan base, the most innovative methods, and unbeatable price-performance ratio. Only the commitment to be for the world peace.

Ralf Rangnick is always amazed that the Leipzig self-representation is on the outside perceived in the country as a far-fetched staging. He has a line of reasoning all time of Europe. Right, RB, the Tradition is missing. . But at some point you’ll have it, Schalke, Bayern and Dortmund were also young once. And those who call themselves wistful tradition of the clubs, would have long enough had the Chance to build something that is Sustainable. He himself was fond of a club with a great past: Mönchengladbach.

Only recently, when he was reviled of Borussia Fans had to rank nick, 60 to attach the note, “that I was between my sixth and 18. Age Gladbach-bed-slept“. Recalculated: Between 1964 and 76, the Merchandising of the Bundesliga Clubs was still limited to pennants and patches – club bedding, it was not in Germany, definitely.

and converted to the rejoice of the pitch opponents, the most prominent was almost ten years ago, Uli Hoeness. He called the Trainer who had brought with TSG Hoffenheim in Munich a troubled season (2008/09), “a know-it-alls who fails everywhere”. And even if for some time no conflict flared up – revised Hoeness, his statement never.

But there are also people who recognise Acting rank of nicks. Ulm, Germany, Hoffenheim, Leipzig, – the Trainer has some rise of stories written in his career. And he has fired some of the developments: four chain, faster football Shift. The Football Professor? Yes, Rangnick is open to science. In Leipzig there is a flow hose for improving the sprint ability of the players is daily decreased the blood, to the training load individually; must sleep in special suits that are designed to assist Regeneration.

In the third year now RB Leipzig plays in the Bundesliga, and as a regular member of the 18-field of the Club is still at work. The discussions around Leipzig rotate in a circle.

supporters say: this Is wonderful, that even the East has been a successful representative. Is to recognise the value of what is being done with the money in Leipzig, one of the most prosperous cities in the country – much, much better than in Hamburg or wherever the investors of coal is being frittered away. The associations and the German football League have allowed RB Leipzig, there has been a violation of a Statute. And, what is the Austrian entrepreneur Didi Mateschitz and his Red Bull company event in Leipzig, because really so much different than the models from Bayern, Leverkusen and VfL Wolfsburg, where clubs are actually also corporations operate? And the Fans can trade in turbo-capitalist Clubs like Borussia Dortmund (on the stock exchange) and FC Bayern have a say about more than, in Leipzig, with its 17 voting members, all of which are closely associated with Red Bull?

The members-Limit is one of the Top arguments of the critics, one of which is Klaus Hofmann, the Chairman of the FC Augsburg, which maintains a personal enmity to be the leading RB heads, Oliver Mintzlaff and Ralf Rangnick. For a year, Hofmann tried to be rich entrepreneurs (in the area of fire protection), a member of the Leipzig – based construct with the perspective of failure, to show how undemocratic it is in lawn ball sports.

The RB-is opposition ready with arguments. You quoted from Mateschitz Interviews, the need to advertise with football, in order to keep the Snowboard age outgrown clientele. You know the story, that of Leipzig as a location to Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Munich, was only fourth choice. You can present statistics, according to which in Leipzig, for the largest transfer minus in German professional football. She swore, if a player goes the way of Red Bull Salzburg to RB Leipzig (“there were hard negotiations”) and believes that the two clubs really are unbundled, what is formally necessary that you are allowed to play in European competitions. The Anti-lawn shooting make fun of empty, fan sections at RB away games. And they point to the fact that Didi Mateschitz is politically situate on the right: In his channel Servus TV the other day, the Identitarian movement, it was a great platform.

social media will be vigorously speeded in Leipzig.

Recent controversy: disagreement, even among locals. On the occasion of Reaching the DFB Cup final RB brought out Shirts that should join on the trip to Berlin for the first major title opportunity in the history of the club. Only The Shirt had nothing to Leipzig-like, it was a Zero-Eight-five-ten-product from the gift pool, the Red Bull brand in the world, and might as well for one of the other Clubs in football and ice hockey, or events like the Air Race and Crashed Ice.

Amusement in any case, in the case of the RB-skeptics: Oh, the Leipzig note that they are only there to operate advertising. For this you have needed for ten years.

Now, of course, the Chance to be the resounding marketing success. Nothing brings in the German Sport more attention than it is to beat Bayern. At the end of the season and so that it (may) follow.