Lotto on Saturday from 11.05.2019: Here you will find figures of today, the current Lotto. Six million euros in the Jackpot. Then there was a Mega glitch.

the drawing of The lottery numbers every Saturday, will be held at 19.25 . the Six million euros today, Saturday, 11.05.2019 , in the Jackpot.
Here you will find after the draw is always the current winning numbers.
In a Stream, you can follow the draw live. On the side of you can play Lotto 6aus49, for the draw on Saturday night online (affiliate link).

current Lotto draw on Saturday evening (19.25 online, there was a technical glitch at the drawing of the winning numbers. After four Numbers from the lottery have been drawn Team, hooked up the machine just before the output of the fifth winning number. While the presenter asks for something in a panic, according to the Director, it turned out shortly afterwards, actually: there was a technical glitch at the drawing of the Lotto numbers!

Yet not two minutes later, the Team of made for a replacement. In a second empty machine new balls have been thrown, up to the already drawn four Figures. The drawing could be continued, also this Saturday, a participant may have the very big luck in the lottery! In the case of the broadcast to 19.57 o’clock in the ARD, the breakdown was not mentioned, however.

Lotto on Saturday, 11.05.2019: these are the current Lotto numbers

these are the current Lotto numbers from the Saturday, 11.05.2019 (from 19.25 clock; all information is supplied without guarantee):

winning lottery numbers (game 6 from 49): 10 – 15 – 47 – 25 – 42 – 31

super : 0

spiel 77: 1 – 7 – 3 – 2 – 8 – 2 – 4

Super 6: 9 – 6 – 9 – 0 – 5 – 8

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Lotto on Saturday: So you can make the draw today at the Live Stream

see the drawing of The lottery numbers 6 out of 49 you can track today, like every Saturday, in the network in a Live Stream. On the draw will be sent always 19.25 as a Stream. The winning numbers for the extra lotteries spiel 77 and Super 6 will be announced in this framework.

Lotto on Saturday, So that you can culture the draw today on TV

the drawing of The lottery numbers live on TV – that was once part of the German TV. Since 2013 is the Live draw of the lottery numbers on Saturday (also on Wednesday) story.

Nevertheless, the television still shows the latest lottery numbers from Saturday. the Franziska Reichenbacher presented every Saturday at 19.57 PM – just before the news – in the First the previously drawn winning numbers.

Lotto on Saturday: Where can I play today Lotto 6 49 online

today you can play all the major lottery vendors for the Saturday draw of Lotto 6 from 49 online. A possibility, among other things, the information offer of the German Lotto – and Totoblock together closed state lottery companies.

On the side of you can play Lotto 6aus49, for the draw on Saturday night online (affiliate link).

The chance of winning in Lotto 6 out of 49 for the draw on Saturday is 1:139 million. The game participation is open only to those 18 years of age. Gambling can be addictive. Information under the toll-free Hotline 0800 137 27 00 or under

Lotto on Saturday: As 6 out of 49 lottery actually works?

On the ticket six Numbers between 1 and 49 are ticked off. You can fill in the six Figures, according to personal preferences (lucky numbers, birthdays, etc.). You can, by providing a quick tip, a set of six random Numbers to generate. The “super number” (a number between 0 and 9) is printed on the classic game ticket already. Online the super number can be changed with one click.

In this Video, you will find a detailed guide on how you Lotto 6aus49, for the draw on Saturday can play.

How long can I 6 on Saturday online Lotto from 49 to play?

This is, depending on the Bundesland. Here you will find an Overview of how long you are in which state, every Saturday Lotto 6aus49 can play, whether online or at a place of acceptance. Important: Between the lottery, it can make differences. The deadlines are not set uniformly.

the province

deadline for Lotto 6 out of 49 on Saturday








19:00 PM




at 18:59





lower Saxony

19:00 PM


at 18:59






19:00 PM







Lotto on Saturday: How high is my Chance of six Right?

stochastics: This is not for everyone. 6 from 49, the probability of all six Correct, is – in short – really very, very low. Therefore, you should Plan to not winning the lottery in your long-term financial planning.

The Chance of all winning numbers in the “Lotto on Saturday” really mark is just well 1:139 million . Without additional number, the chance of winning is 1 in 134 million.

Should stay the first two winning classes are vacant, you can get the Jackpot with five Correct plus bonus number. But only, if after twelve draws, and no winner came. The opportunity lies in this case at 1:542.008.

The Overview of all chances of winning, there are

Lotto on Saturday: What are the costs?

The lottery you are playing, generally, a box. This is a tip and costs in the Lotto 6 from 49 Euro plus a handling fee per ticket. In addition, the lottery player may select the options game 77 and Super 6 and Glücksspirale participate. The game use for the extra lotteries is 2.50 Euro when game 77 and 1.25 Euro for a participation in the Super 6. Participation in the wheel of fortune it costs 5,00 euros.

game 6 from 49: What is the Lotto drawn numbers most so far?

What is the number you should tick the box on each case? And what would you rather not? Anyone who relies on statistics, you can see which Numbers were drawn most often. It is the 6, 26, 38, 33, 31, 41 are. The six Numbers that were previously drawn on the most rare, are: 45, 21, 20, 46, 44 and 30.

A nice Tool, there are 6aus49 histogram. There, each player can check, how often his personal lucky number, in the past years, was pulled. You can also enter six of his very own lucky numbers and see if these have already been pulled once in this combination.

In the United States, the Jackpot in the “Mega Millions was cracked” in fact: Over 1.6 billion can look forward to is the one that has the Numbers 5, 28, 62, 65, 70, and the bonus number 5.


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