On the open road: A 27-Year-old from Versmold (Kreis Gütersloh), was shot in Neuss by her Ex-boyfriend. The alleged perpetrator was a DSDS-candidate.

Update from 11. May, 10.01 PM: Surprising Revealing! As the image reported, was the alleged perpetrator of Neuss, an American idol candidate. He was, in 2008, in the Recall. Against him a warrant for murder was issued. He is silent to the fact that the blade.

27-Year-old shot and killed: the perpetrator did not want to accept the prohibition of Contact

Update from 30. April, 10.15 a.m.: The 31-Year-old could not be questioned by the police. Because of his health condition, he was not yet hearing is capable of, it is called by the competent authority. According to media reports, the 31-Year-old from Meerbusch, Neuss did not want to accept the end of the relationship to the 27-year-old victim from Versmold (circle Gütersloh). He to have bothered you again and again.

The press office confirmed that the district court had ordered only recently, that he was not allowed to approach his Ex-girlfriend. How many shots of the offender is not fired, the police said so far. The investigations are ongoing.

Update from the 29. April, 15.03 PM: The 31-year-old offender should still be on Monday questioned by the police. The officials hope to learn more about the Background of the crime of passion.

first message of 29. April: Versmold – A 27-year-old woman from Versmold (Kreis Gütersloh) is already on Friday (26. April) in Neuss on the open road had been shot. At about 10: 30 p.m., the first emergency calls were received by the police: An armed man (31) – Ex-boyfriend– is said to have followed a young woman, reported owl24.de*.

According to witnesses, the young woman who was pulled a few days ago from Versmold to the Rhineland fled the store in a flower. The police discovered the woman badly injured on the ground. The wife died a little later of their severe injuries.

+ A 27-Year-old from Versmold, was shot and killed by her Ex-boyfriend on the street in Neuss, Germany.©Google Maps (Screenshot)

woman from Versmold was with the offender together

Several police officers fahndenden finally, after the fleeing man. He was eventually discovered on a nearby railway line: He was run over by a freight train. The man is alive, but badly hurt. The police discovered the gun in some bushes in the immediate vicinity.

Versmolderin and 31-Year-old from Germany

The injured was brought with a rescue helicopter to a hospital. A 16-member homicide with the name “Gladbach” have taken over the investigation. The police suspect behind the incident, a crime of passion. The 27-Year-old from Versmold, and the 31-Year-old should have been up a few weeks before the fact, a Couple of. Both are from Germany.

A man (57) is in Versmold in a forest was found dead. The Missing person was searched for five days, reported owl24.de*.

In Versmold, there was also a brazen hit-and-run. A man drove a girl over the foot, without a care then to the child.

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