Seventy kilos of cannabis were found on Sunday April 7 at the home of the mayor of Avallon (Yonne), reveals BFMTV. An operation which took place as part of the “Place net XXL” system which aims to stem drug trafficking in the territory.

An unexpected discovery. At least 70 kilos of cannabis were discovered on Sunday April 7 at the home of Jamilah Habsaoui, the mayor of Avallon, a small town located in Yonne, as part of a “Place net XXL” operation, reveals BFMTV . The gendarmes of the Avallon brigade made this strange find in an outbuilding of the mayor’s house. According to France 3, it was the brother of the councilor (also regional councilor of Burgundy-Franche-Comté), living with his sister, who would have stored this merchandise without the latter being aware. The man, known to the police, was already convicted ten years ago for drug trafficking.

Elected in 2021 as head of Avallon town hall after having long been first deputy of this town of 6,800 inhabitants, Jamilah Habsaoui is also a pharmacy technician alongside her mandate. Thus, a second search, this time at his workplace, was carried out in the middle of the afternoon by investigators, reveals Le Figaro, which indicates that the councilor should be placed in police custody at the resulting from these searches. For his part, the public prosecutor of Auxerre, Hugues de Phily, did not wish to communicate immediately on the subject, simply specifying that “searches and hearings (were) in progress”.

To understand how such a seizure could have been carried out, a source close to the matter indicated to our colleagues at Le Figaro that an investigation had taken place beforehand. “To search the home of an elected official, there must be tickets,” she explained. This action is a continuation of others carried out in recent weeks as part of the “Place Net XXL” operation aimed at stemming drug trafficking in the territory. Since March 18, these actions which took place in Lille, Lyon, Marseille and Clermont-Ferrand have led to the arrest of at least 1,738 people, the seizure of 150 kilos of drugs and 2.4 million euros. .