As in the men’s semi-final, the round of 16 of the Women’s World Cup will pit Morocco against France.

France will begin a whole new competition on Tuesday August 8 with the kick-off of the final stages. While we were waiting for a revenge between Germany and France, it is Morocco of Reynald Pedros who comes up against Les Bleues of Hervé Renard. Victorious over Colombia, the Moroccans took advantage of Germany’s misstep against Korea to secure 2nd place and secure a historic round of 16 against France. “We have just achieved a feat over three games, now these are cleaver matches, knockout, everything is possible. I know this French team perfectly, it’s an advantage, it’s a very strong team, with players with a lot of experience, of a very high level. It will be a very difficult match but if we have the same state of mind as today we can hope to qualify and we will do everything to qualify” explained the coach and former OL coach.

For France, it will be necessary to raise its level of play. After a sluggish first match against Jamaica, a benchmark match against Brazil, Les Bleues did not show a very good face in the last match of the phase. of hens against Panama (6-3). Hervé Renard was also quite upset after the performance of his players. In the round of 16, we must not miss it. With the elimination of Canada, Germany and Brazil, Les Bleues are now considered as contenders for the title, but the road is still very long, especially with teams like Norway and the United States.

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The World Cup opener has been set for Thursday, July 20, with New Zealand and Norway facing off. The group stages will continue until August 3 before a latency day.

The rest of the competition will be more decisive with the knockout stages and a final organized on August 20 in Sydney, at the Australia Stadium.

France was the last host country of the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2019, passing the torch to co-hosts New Zealand and Australia.

France Télévisions, broadcaster of the Women’s World Cup with M6, scheduled 32 matches including the opening match, New Zealand-Norway and the final (August 20 at noon). The M6 ​​group broadcasts the other 32 matches.

If the broadcasting of the final was decided by drawing lots, the matches of the final phases were distributed fairly.

The Football World Cup lasts a whole month and is played in two phases, first the pools and then the finals.

32 teams have qualified for the Women’s World Cup. The selections, after drawing lots, were divided into 8 groups of 4.

The French women’s team has the outsider label. Les Bleues, in international competition, are very regular, they have systematically come out of the pools since 2009. However, they have never played in a final, always disqualified before.

The Habs are struggling to get the upper hand over opponents who have shown more confidence and serenity in key moments. France, solid, is once again in search of a first final.

Played since 1991, the Women’s World Cup is very recent. The 2023 World Cup is the 9th edition. Only four nations have won so far.