Endnight Games has once again been strong with the release of Sons of the Forest. Here you are lost on a desert island in search of tools and food. We help you find the ax in this hostile universe.

Endnight Gales once again provides us with an exhilarating survival experience in their latest Sons of the Forest. This new version of the survival game that marked the last nine years invites you to go in search of a family of billionaires on a wild island. Obviously, your quest goes wrong, and here you are in search of effective tools to survive. The Modern Ax is one of them, here’s where to find it in Sons of the Forest.

An essential tool for any good self-respecting woodcutter, the ax is not part of your inventory at the start of your adventure in Sons of the Forest. Of course, you will have to find it, and it is not among the wreckage of your helicopter. Once the area has been explored, head down the mountain. The path shouldn’t be very complicated if you equip yourself with your GPS. Once you arrive at the location listed below, you will hear music, follow there and you will discover a camp where there are many supplies and, above all, the modern axe.

You are now equipped with the best possible item to defend yourself and chop wood at the start of the game.