The Juventus midfielder was suspended after testing positive for testosterone during a doping test. If the test result is confirmed, Paul Pogba could leave the football fields for several years.

New scandal around Paul Pogba. The Juventus player was suspended by the Italian Anti-Doping Agency (Nado) on Monday, September 11: “The National Anti-Doping Tribunal informs that in accordance with the recommendation of the National Anti-Doping Prosecutor, it has pronounced the provisional suspension of Paul Labile Pogba “.

Absent from the football fields for many weeks, the midfielder was only back for a few days. Paul Pogba, who returned to the Italian team at the end of August after an injury, tested positive for testosterone during a random anti-doping test carried out after Juve’s match against Udinese on August 20. More precisely, these are traces of anabolic steroids, artificial versions of testosterone used to increase muscle mass, which were detected according to the Italian press. To make matters worse, the football international did not set foot on the pitch during the match.

Paul Pogba’s suspension could be extended if the second sample taken during the test confirms the presence of synthetic testosterone in the player’s body. The midfielder would then risk a four-year suspension. The duration of the sanction could be halved if the player can prove that the doping was not voluntary but the result of taking medication for his injury, for example. The player’s lawyer, Rafaela Pimenta, has already assured Radio France that “what is certain is that Paul Pogba never wanted to break a rule.”

At 30, Paul Pogba could see the end of his career come sooner than expected if a four-year suspension is decided against him. The player, whose physique has already shown weaknesses in recent months with a long meniscus injury, would then be 34 years old upon his return and would be approaching the age of sporting retirement. This doping affair is yet another controversy for the international who was at the heart of a scandal last season when he was the alleged victim of an extortion attempt by his brother.