LIDL CATALOG. Christmas is coming, what are the good plans for the holidays this year at Lidl, one of the favorite brands of the French? Here’s our up-to-date selection of the best deals at Lidl to check out before the 2022 holiday season!

[Updated on December 7, 2022 at 2:21 p.m.] Christmas is approaching and this year, more than ever no doubt with inflation, combining pleasure at the table and under the tree with a controlled budget promises to be a great challenge. Whoever succeeds will deserve a nice gift on December 25. Fortunately, tricks exist to limit the costs. In addition to the various files, you can also count on the catalogs of brands and brands.

One of the favorite brands of the French, Lidl, has just published its first holiday catalogs. For the period from December 14 to December 18, 2022, there are already many products popular at Christmas and displayed at low prices. Examples include the Label Rouge farm capon at 9.99 euros per kilo (knowing that the piece weighs around 3 kilos), the salmon fillet at 16.99 euros per kilo or the famous turkey at 5.99 euros per kilo.

The must-haves are undoubtedly the 8 slices of Labeyrie smoked salmon at 9.29 euros (250g) or the reduction on cocktail blinis with the first product at 1.65 euros and the second at only 66 cents, combined with a similar reduction on boxes of tarama from the Blini brand (2.19 euros for the first product, 0.87 euros for the 2nd). Do you prefer desserts? The frozen log can be stored without any problem for several weeks in the freezer and it is therefore not useful to wait until the very last days before Christmas to buy it. Lidl is offering several references this year.

Let’s mention the 500 gram Mont-Blanc-style vanilla and chestnut ice cream log at 8.49 euros, the “wonderful” speculoos log of 450 grams at 8.49 euros or especially the designer log imagined by Top Chef Mohamed Cheikh combining chocolate with milk, lemon, a creamy salted butter caramel and peanut chips at 9.99 euros for 470 grams. Offers and discounts at Lidl are updated every week. Generally, the catalog changes every Wednesday.