UEFA INDEX. Despite OGC Nice’s victory on Thursday March 16 in the quarter-finals of the Europa League Conference, France’s UEFA index is threatened by clubs from the Netherlands who still have two representatives in Europe.

Despite the qualification of OGC Nice on Thursday March 16 in the quarter-finals of the Europa League Conference, the UEFA index of France is still jeopardized by the clubs of the Netherlands. Indeed, if there is only one French team left in Europe, the Netherlands still have two. First in the Europa League, there is always Feyenoord who largely won in the round of 16 on Thursday March 16 against Stade Rennais’ knockout in the 1/6th finals, Shakhtar. In the Europa League Conference, AZ Alkmaar managed like the Gym to reach the quarter-finals of the European competition.

However in the Champions League the Dutch had no team left in the final phase unlike France who had PSG. PSG’s defeat came at a bad time, however, as it followed that of Monaco, Rennes and Nantes who all lost in the 1/6 finals of the Europa League in early March. France could have maintained its lead over the Netherlands. But these poor results are very impactful for French football which is therefore threatened. If France gives up its 5th place in the UEFA ranking, it would mean that it would lose qualifying places for European competitions. There would therefore be fewer clubs representing Ligue 1.

It is this classification which determines the qualifying places for the Champions League or the Europa League and the Europa League Conference. The higher the rank of the country, the more places they have for European competitions. Here is the latest ranking:

If the classification by country is important, that by clubs is also important to establish the seeds during the various draws. Here is the latest club standings:

France are currently in 5th place and could go down if French clubs do not perform in Europe. Due to rule changes for the next European campaign, this place will qualify.

The club coefficient ranking is calculated based on club results over the previous five UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Europa Conference League seasons. The ranking is used to determine each club’s position in the UEFA club competition draws as explained on the official website.

The club coefficient ranking for the season is based on the results of clubs involved in the current UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Europa Conference League. This ranking, combined with that of the previous four seasons, determines whether the club is seeded in the UEFA competition draws.

Club coefficients are determined either by the sum of all points earned over the past five years OR the association coefficient over the same period, with priority given to the higher.

The season coefficient of an association (country) is calculated by adding the points obtained by all its clubs in a given season in the UEFA Champions League (UCL), UEFA Europa League (UEL) and UEFA Europa Conference League (UECL ), then dividing the total by the number of clubs from that association that have participated in the three UEFA club competitions in question.

UEFA Champions League pointsAny win from the group stage: 2 pointsAny draw from the group stage: 1 pointBonus for participating in the group stage: 4 pointsBonus for participating in the round of 16: 4 pointsEach round reached by clubs from round of 16: 1 point

UEFA Europa League pointsAny win from group stage (excluding knockout stage play-offs): 2 pointsAny draw from group stage (excluding knockout stage play-offs): 1 pointWinner group: 4 points Group runner-up: 2 points Each round reached by clubs from the round of 16: 1 point