Many hotels and laundries use this method, it allows you to obtain soft and fluffy towels for longer.

What’s better than in the middle of winter to curl up in a warm towel or a soft bathrobe when you get out of the shower? Unfortunately, our towels wear out quickly and become rough too quickly from washing. Have you ever noticed how incredibly soft and fluffy the towels in hotels are? However, they too are washed repeatedly. Bathrobes and towels are in fact the subject of special treatment which gives them a longer lifespan but also a softer and softer feel than at home.

The material of the towel or the brand is not in question. This is indeed a washing tip often used in hotels but also in laundries. If you’ve ever wondered how to replicate this feeling at home, the answer might be simpler than you think. The trick? White vinegar. This common product in our kitchens is the secret behind the soft, fluffy towels we love in hotels.

Using white vinegar in washing towels is a proven method for keeping fibers soft and removing detergent buildup that can make them stiff and rough. To get towels as soft as hotel towels, start by washing them separately from other clothes. This helps ensure they have enough space to be cleaned and rinsed properly.

The technique is simple: use a reduced quantity of detergent, around 50ml, and replace your usual fabric softener with 20ml of white vinegar. Washing your towels at a higher temperature, like 60°C, also helps kill germs and bacteria, while preventing soap scum buildup. Don’t worry about the unpleasant and stubborn smell of white vinegar: it disappears during washing.

White vinegar has several benefits when used in washing towels. Not only does it help soften fibers, but it also removes detergent buildup, making towels almost as good as new. Plus, it can eliminate unpleasant odors, a common problem with towels that don’t dry completely.

After the wash cycle is complete, an additional spin cycle can help remove excess water. For optimal drying, use a tumble dryer. Tumble drying helps make towels even softer and fluffier, a result often difficult to achieve with a traditional dryer.

This laundry tip isn’t just limited to towels. White vinegar can be used to clean a range of clothing and textiles, helping to remove built-up soaps and chemicals. It also helps preserve colors and reduce static electricity. Even stubborn stains like wine, tomato sauce, coffee, tea or deodorant traces can be removed with the help of vinegar.