Even when stopped, at a red light, in a parking space or at a drive, this action while driving is prohibited and can be expensive.

Driving a car requires constant attention, not only for your own safety, but also for that of other road users, motorists, motorcyclists, cyclists or pedestrians. However, a detail often escapes many drivers, especially when the car is stationary. Slowdowns or traffic jams, red lights… There can be many reasons for distraction and reduced attention to the road. One of them exposes you to a heavy fine since the Highway Code provides for an amount of 135 euros accompanied by three points less on your precious driving license.

In the case of stopping at a red light for example, a reflex very often emerges in our passenger compartments. Grabbing your cell phone, even if only to read for a few seconds the latest Whatsapp message notification, the last SMS received, your friends’ Instagram story is very tempting… However, it is strictly forbidden, even if your vehicle is stationary, and does not a priori present any risk for other users.

It is important to understand the details of the law. The French Highway Code considers a vehicle to be “in circulation” even if it is stationary when in situations such as traffic jams or at traffic lights. Don’t you dare park in a double line or even in a proper parking space. Even parked on the side of the road, you will be exposed to the same penalty if the engine of your vehicle is running. The legislation is strict: any driver holding their phone in their hand in such conditions is against the Highway Code.

To use your phone legally, it is essential that the vehicle is not only stationary, but also that its engine is turned off and that it is parked in an authorized location, such as a parking space or garage. private. These rules even extend to private spaces open to the public, such as supermarket parking lots or fast food drive-throughs. Ignoring this rule will be just as expensive in these car parks: the driver caught red-handed will also be exposed to a fixed fine of 135 euros and a deduction of three points from the driving license.

The Highway Code still provides for exceptions for force majeure situations, where the use of the telephone can be justified by an absolute emergency, such as a sudden vehicle breakdown. However, we will not advise you to imagine breaking down on the gendarmes or police officers who are checking you…