A real estate expert is clear: certain exterior features improve the appeal of your home and could increase the value of your home by up to 18,000 euros.

As the real estate market remains uncertain and sellers struggle to sell their house or apartment, many people are looking for ways to maximize the value of their property in order to sell it for the best price. Whether it’s giving your home’s walls a fresh coat of paint, decluttering, weeding, etc., improving certain features can add value and make your home more attractive to buyers, but also increase its price.

UK website Toolstation asked property experts for advice on the best ways to increase the value of a property. Jonathan Rolande, expert and professional property buyer, explains that in his opinion, a well-maintained garden could add up to 18,000 euros to the value of a house (based on a house valued at 410,000 euros). This “may include improvements such as a modern fence, well-maintained window frames, a Mediterranean garden or an elegant water feature,” he says.

But how do you know what will appeal to potential buyers? The expert specifies that it can be interesting to look at what the neighbors are doing in your neighborhood. A beach house will not have the same look as a town house. He continues: “You can also speak with local real estate agents. They usually have a head start on what buyers in your area are asking for. “Pinterest is also a great place for inspiration” according to the expert.

Liam Ryan, co-founder of Assets for Life specializing in real estate management training, confirms his colleague’s comments. “To increase property value, focus on improving curb appeal by maintaining landscaping, creating a welcoming entrance and refreshing the paint,” he advises. It also instructs homeowners to design the garden according to the surrounding areas. “It is important that the design of the property fits into the immediate surroundings,” he says. A cottage-type exterior may be popular in the countryside, but not for a town house, for example.

Other parameters come into play when selling the house. “Energy-saving features like solar panels or double-glazed windows are also attractive,” he adds, but so are “outdoor living spaces such as patios or decks.” The exterior is therefore just as important as the interior of the property. It’s the first thing potential buyers will see. It is important to take care of it.