It is possible to effectively remove insects embedded in the bodywork and on car headlights using this natural product.

Every summer it’s the same. After a long drive on the road, our cars look like insect graveyards. Bodywork, headlights, windshield, license plate… The entire front of the vehicle is covered with the corpses of mosquitoes, flies and other midges crushed at high speed. Why do these insects get hit like this? When flying near a car,¬†they are often unable to get away in time, resulting in them colliding. The problem for car owners is that all these insects leave traces, black or red, signs of the violent end of their lives.

With the heat and the wind, these marks dried quickly. Worse, over time they become embedded, particularly in the bodywork, and can attack the paint varnish. The solution to avoid this type of inconvenience is not to wait too long before cleaning your car. The best is to do it when you arrive at your vacation spot, for example, but you often have better things to do than spend an hour polishing your vehicle after driving several hundred kilometers. On the other hand, on the way back, no more excuses, the aesthetics of your car are at stake because, once the varnish is attacked, its beauty takes a hit.

Several products sold on the market allow you to clean insects crushed on cars. But they are generally chemical and most of the time cost around ten euros. There is a product that is much cheaper, more environmentally friendly and just as effective. Known for its many cleaning properties, white vinegar is also great for getting rid of the most stubborn traces of insects.

No need to mix it, just soak a soft cloth in white vinegar and rub on the dirty areas. If you are afraid of scratching the body of your vehicle, you can also put the cloth inside nylon tights, a material which will be less aggressive on the paint. After removing all traces of insects, a simple rinse with clean water finishes the job.

Although this cleaning requires a little energy, the result is very satisfactory and beneficial for the aesthetics of your car in the long term. This tip also allows you to save money because white alcohol vinegar is cheap, it is possible to find it for less than one euro per liter in supermarkets. Which is not insignificant, especially if your car finds itself covered in dead insects several times a year.