It is an emblematic brand of French gastronomy. But this product also has a lot in common with Nutella.

In the land of gastronomy, the pleasures of the table are more than a tradition, they are an art of living envied throughout the world. Eating is of great importance to the French, who devote a significant and regular amount of time to meals, often shared with family or friends. Among the essential foods of French gastronomic heritage, there is the baguette, for example, cold meats, pastries, stews… but also cheese.

Cheese is undoubtedly the symbol of French food. It is a classic, even an essential between main course and dessert, but also goes well with a good slice of bread. It has also inspired advertisers for decades, with brands which now seem to have also entered our region and our traditions, even if they often hide totally industrialized manufacturing. One of these brands has also popularized a slogan that resonates with almost all French people: “Du pain, du vin, du Bousin”! If you are a cheese lover, you have surely already eaten at least once a good slice of bread covered with the famous spread.

At first glance, the ingredients that make up Boursin seem very traditional: 67% milk and crème fraîche. But Jean-Michel Cohen, a French food expert, assures that Boursin deserves attention on how it is made. In an Instagram video, the specialist notes that Boursin contains 396 calories per 100g, a figure equivalent to other cheeses that are usually more singled out such as “Emmental and Parmesan”. But there’s a more serious problem: how to eat Boursin. Spreading cheese has the unfortunate tendency to increase the quantity consumed.

The specialist doesn’t stop there: “Fat 39g, it’s the same quantity as foie gras or Nutella”. And to be surprised: “We criticize Nutella and foie gras and we don’t criticize Boursin”. Boursin, like other similar products, would therefore be good to consume sparingly.

Boursin is offered in different versions and the hazelnut one would be even richer. Accompanied by a slice of bread and a small glass of wine, as the slogan suggests, the bill would be even saltier… or rather caloric! This is perhaps why the brand decided to release a light version.

It must be said the Bel group, which owns the Boursin brand, has good reason to cherish the garlic and herb spread cheese. The industrialist recorded a growing turnover in 2023, at €3.64 billion. And the latter is notably driven by the activity of cheese portions and by the good figures for its emblematic brands, such as Boursin, Kiri, but also La Vache qui Rit or Babybel. Brands that are a hit in France and internationally, particularly in the United States and Canada.

It is recommended to consume a maximum of 40 grams of cheese per day according to a study published in the European Journal of Nutrition. As this study once again clarifies, it is not a question of no longer eating cheese, because it is important to consume such dairy products, it all comes down to quantity.