Certain professions are accessible without extensive studies and can pay big dividends. After a short training, it is then possible to get started quickly.

Do you dream of an unusual job that is well paid and does not require extensive studies? Cinema may offer a dream job for you. The giant screen at La Géode in Paris measures 1,000 m². Imagine yourself cleaning it. This little-known work is nevertheless essential to guarantee spectators an impeccable visual experience. This is the job of a cinema screen cleaner. This professional is responsible for removing residue, marks and stains from cinema screens. A task that requires great expertise, because an IMAX screen cannot be cleaned like your television at home.

This profession requires great rigor. The expert must ensure that the screen is free of dust residue, check that no malfunction or damage affects the screen, and of course, no trace or stain must remain after its passage. The cinema screen cleaner can work both in classic cinemas and on giant screens, such as those of the Géode in Paris or the Futuroscope in Poitiers.

To practice this profession, you have to be rigorous. Good physical condition is also required, as work at height is common, particularly for giant screens. You must also not fear heights and be prepared to work staggered hours, particularly at night, when the spectators are asleep. No diploma is necessary to practice this profession. However, to work on giant screens, rope access training is often required. The CQP level 1 rope access training lasts 175 hours, or 5 weeks. At the end, the trainee receives a Professional Qualification Certificate which allows him to enter the profession. In addition, this training can be financed by various organizations, making accessibility easier.

Although little known, this profession is one of the best paid in the cleaning and cleanliness sector. The salary can in fact exceed €40,000 per year, or nearly €4,000 per month, particularly for those who work on giant screens and at night.

So if you are looking for a unique, well-paid job and the idea of ​​working at height doesn’t scare you, the job of cinema screen cleaner could well be your vocation. A few weeks of training is enough to embark on this atypical and lucrative adventure.