Marco Mouly, one of the figures in the carbon tax scam, decided to go to court on Wednesday March 13, 2024 after the partial revocation of his suspended sentence.

“I surrender” declared Marco Mouly, one of the protagonists of the giant VAT scam on the carbon market, this Wednesday March 13, in front of several journalists at the Paris judicial court. The partial revocation of his suspended sentence was ordered last Friday, as part of a case of gang fraud organized between 1998 and 1999.

On Friday March 8, 2024, the judge ordered the partial revocation of 18 months of the three-year prison sentence for a separate case of carbon tax fraud. “Small problems in the file” exist according to Marco Mouly, who “hopes to get out of it” thanks to his lawyers. One of his lawyers, Philippe Ohayon, will request a conditional release of his client as quickly as possible and believes that “there is no legal or factual obstacle which can prevent a modification of the sentence in the short term” in the columns of France Info.

“I hesitated to come, now I surrender. We have the stomach to go to prison. We have the stomach to respect justice and to say: we are here. The stomach is there, but it feels afraid of going to prison. We still had a life outside, after thirty years of proceedings” conceded Marco Mouly, this Wednesday March 13 in front of the press in the court hall in preparation for his incarceration.

In fact, his imprisonment in the fraud case is also justified by several failures on his part to fulfill obligations set by the courts. He held a fictitious job as a Community manager and provided “the justice system with false pay slips, against the backdrop of a well-oiled organization” according to the judge. The latter also did not pay in full the fine of 15,000 euros (11,569 euros still to be paid) which had been imposed on him. “Marco the Elegant” also owes relatively large sums in connection with his other convictions, the court decision specifies.

Marco Mouly and the immense carbon tax fraud notably inspired a series produced by Canal: D’argent et de sang, in which he inspired the role of Filous, the scammer from Belleville. A character played on screen by Ramzy Bedia. “The problem is that the film hurt me a lot. It’s based on real events, but the series remains fiction,” he said. The series produced by Xavier Giannoli adapted from the investigative book by Fabrice Arfi (journalist at Médiapart) is a huge success for the encrypted channel with more than 25 million views. He also played his own role in the Netflix documentary film “The Kings of Scam” retracing the journey of the main thugs involved in “the scam of the century”, alongside, in particular, Arnaud Mimran.

As a reminder, the Médiapart site announced last Friday that Marco Mouly was going to go on the run again without specifying whether this was indeed the case. The same day, the main person concerned refuted this information on the C8 channel. This Wednesday March 13, he confirmed his position “I am not going on the run, the run no longer exists” he conceded. During his last audition, he also said he was working on a second book and had landed the lead role in a film due to be shot soon.