In a few weeks, employees will have to pay to benefit from a benefit that has until now been 100% free.

This is one of the benefits that costs nothing and benefits all employees, whoever they are: from the checkout attendant at the supermarket to the sales manager of a large company, everyone is accommodated in the same room. taught. However, only 5% of workers benefit from it each year. For others, it is better to try to use it very quickly because it will disappear for free. Before long, you will have to put your hand in your pocket to enjoy it.

When a person works, they naturally receive a salary and, sometimes, additional benefits such as meal vouchers, a company car or other, granted by the company. However, what the latter does not always say is that while working, the employee also accumulates money in an account that he can use at any time. Not to pay for groceries, but to develop professionally.

Each year, a sum of up to €500 per person is paid by the Caisse des Dépôts into a training account (the CPF) specific to each worker. On average, as the money is used over the course of a career, the amount available is around 1,800 euros, according to the organization’s data. This can be spent at any time by the employee in order to follow training, carry out a skills assessment, obtain a license or other. Until now, if the training could be entirely financed thanks to the savings accumulated in their CPF, the employee had nothing to spend. But that will change.

From May 1, 2024 (if everything is settled on time), any worker wishing to use their training rights will have to… pay! But how much? If it is not yet official, the decision was taken by the government, according to Les Échos and Franceinfo: it will be 100 euros. Each employee will therefore have to take this sum out of their pocket when they wish to follow training, regardless of its price, and even if the money accumulated in their CPF allows them to finance it in full.

Among employees, this change could reduce the incentive to train, according to the CGT, which criticizes an “incredible injustice. The most fragile, those who have difficulties, will not be able to go to training.” However, if the company takes part in financing the training, the employee will not have to pay these 100 euros. The unemployed will also be exempt.