Recruiters don’t just look at candidates’ technical skills. Other aspects are increasingly taken into account.

In the labor market, the balance of power between employers and employees is changing. From now on, companies are increasingly forced to bend (a little) in the face of rule changes imposed by workers. Comfort of work and salary-hour ratio are the main points negotiated. If the candidate’s technical skills match, recruiters relent.

Yet beyond the CV, bosses are focusing more and more on the manners and interpersonal skills of employees. Humans now play a major role in the decision-making of recruitment managers. A survey carried out by Dares even shows that the salary question comes after relationships. Even if it means hiring someone who doesn’t tick all the technical criteria you’re looking for. “There are people who are not the most efficient but who bring the company together,” explains Pierre-Gilles Bouquet, of the recruitment firm Voluntae. For him, these skills which contribute to a good atmosphere at work are “essential”, although very diverse.

Employers also look closely at the involvement of their employees in the company. Expectations that deviate from the new relationship between workers and their employer. 48% believe they get less benefit from working than not working and 61% prefer to earn less money to have more free time, according to an Ifop study. However, commitment is indeed a sought-after quality. “I like it when people are proactive in improving the company’s difficulties,” adds Pierre-Gilles Bouquet.

Furthermore, while employees change companies more and more frequently, particularly to obtain greater salary advancement, loyalty is sought by bosses. “What is positive is an employee who projects into the future,” recognizes Thibault Vilon, CEO of Elevo, a set of HR software. Beyond work, it is employees capable of creating a real living environment around the company who are sought after. Pierre-Gilles Bouquet sums it up this way: “improve your development with that of the company.”