Be careful of this little creature during your walks, the bites can make you extremely itchy for up to 7 days. Here’s what to do.

If the return of spring, flowers, walks outside and summer temperatures are our greatest joy, it is also the season of unpleasant little creatures that bite. Among them are tiny parasites, mostly invisible to the naked eye, whose bites itch badly. These little red beasts are present throughout the country.

These are chiggers, small mites feared for their bites. Contrary to what its name suggests, this little creature is not only active in August. It can irritate us as soon as temperatures start to get mild in the spring, and all the way into the fall. The time when we are most exposed to bites is in late summer, hence their name chiggers, but they actually come out as early as spring.

Chiggers are small red mites that are found primarily in shady grassy or wooded areas, orchards and wetlands. After a day outside, you come home and feel intense itching. This is the sign that these little creatures have chosen you as their feast. Blistered spots appear and can be itchy which can last 2 to 7 days.

Chigger larvae are responsible for the bites, and unlike adults, they do not feed on blood but simply attach themselves to the skin to feed on skin cells. Chigger bites cause intense itching and skin irritation, which can cause real discomfort.

Do these bites present a risk? Although they are generally not dangerous, they can cause complications in some people, including severe allergic reactions. Additionally, excessive scratching of bites can lead to secondary skin infections, sometimes requiring medical treatment.

If you are a victim of chigger bites, here is how you can act against the itching:

As a preventative measure, to prevent chiggers from taking over your garden, mow your lawn well. Then, during your walks, cover your body with long, covering clothing, avoid grassy and wooded areas, apply insect repellent to exposed skin, examine yourself regularly, and take a shower after going out to the gym. outside.