Very often sought after because of their fame and ease of use, Apple AirPods are still quite expensive despite their age. However, these wireless headphones have multiple promotions at different merchants.

Looking for high-performance wireless headphones can quickly become a real hassle. Brands keep offering new products every year and it’s easy to get lost in this jungle of headphones with very unequal designs and performances. While wired headphones are still fashionable for many users, more and more consumers are being forced to adopt a wireless format following the latest smartphone releases that ignore a possible Jack port.

However, wireless headphones have many qualities! We will first think of their practical aspect: no need to get tangled in the wires which tend to go in all directions once stored in a pocket. Wireless earphones generally have a box included so that you never scatter them, but also recharge them when they are not worn.

When we talk about the most famous wireless headphones available on the market, we necessarily think of AirPods from Apple. Released several years ago, these small white earphones have quickly established themselves as a benchmark in the field: easy to pair with a smartphone, efficient on a daily basis, with good autonomy… The AirPods 2 continue to tear themselves away on sales sites, despite the release of a third version a few months ago.

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