The Thermomix®, the essential multifunction food processor never ceases to surprise us and is enriched with a new practical accessory that will allow you to peel your vegetables, but also to cook under vacuum. Price, features, where to buy it? We tell you everything about the famous Vorwerk robot.

The Thermomix® all-purpose food processor from Vorwerk has been a great success for several years. And we understand why ! This multi-function robot can do everything to simplify your life in the kitchen, save you time and cook delicious meals for you to delight the whole family! The brand is constantly improving its food processor by releasing new features or accessories. After the Thermomix Friends® in 2021, it’s the turn of the peeler blade cover to see the light of day. An accessory that will revolutionize your life in the kitchen if you already own the famous robot. With a dual functionality, it cleans and peels vegetables such as carrots, potatoes or turnips, and also allows sous vide cooking. Want to know everything about Thermomix®, how much is it sold for or where and how to buy it? We reveal all about the famous robot which has already conquered more than one.

The Thermomix® TM6 has more than one asset to please you! To make your life easier in the kitchen, this high-end robot has no less than 12 functions. The Thermomix® can thus weigh, mince, grind, mix, mix, stir, steam, control temperatures, emulsify, whisk, cook and knead. Great novelty, it now allows you to wash and peel vegetables, but also to cook under vacuum thanks to its new accessory: the peeler blade cover, compatible with the Thermomix® TM6 and the Thermomix® TM5. As each step is indicated step by step thanks to the guided cooking of the Thermomix®, it is difficult to miss a recipe, even for a novice in the kitchen. The other advantage of the Thermomix® is that the robot works for you alone after setting up the recipe. Enough to make complex or tedious recipes without spending your day in the kitchen.

To get the high-end Thermomix® TM6 food processor, you have to plan for a substantial budget of 1,359 euros. This price includes :

Regarding the new accessory, the peeler blade cover, it is not marketed for the moment, but offered exclusively to customers who organize a discovery workshop to present the Thermomix® robot to their loved ones. To buy it, you will have to wait a little longer, it will be available for purchase in the first half of 2022.

If the purchase of the robot represents a large budget, be aware that Vorwerk offers you to pay for your robot in cash, or in installments thanks to financing solutions. The budget is certainly substantial, but the famous robot has already proven itself in the kitchen! For smaller budgets, there are other cooking robots with multiple functions that will seduce you, such as the Monsieur Cuisine Connect robot from Lidl or the Digicook from Intermarché, the two cheapest competing robots on the market.

The Thermomix Friend® comes to revolutionize the way you cook with the Thermomix®! It is a true assistant of the Thermomix® to which it is inseparable. To be able to use it, you must absolutely be equipped with the TM6 or TM5. But what is this extension for? It will simply take over certain cooking steps for certain dishes, leaving the Thermomix® robot available to make other preparations. In practice, this will, for example, allow you to cook a dessert while your main course is slowly simmering. It will also allow you to simmer certain recipes more quickly, such as lasagna. You will be able to break down the recipe. While the tomato base / minced meat is cooking in the Thermomix Friend®, you can quietly prepare the béchamel in the Thermomix®. Guaranteed time savings!

This extension consists of a base with a digital screen and a bowl that connects directly to your Thermomix® via bluetooth. The screen displays the steps for preparing your dish. This information is sent directly from your Thermomix. You can cook up to 120 degrees, but also use steam cooking (Varoma). You can also use it in manual mode.

This novelty is available in limited quantities through the Thermomix® advisor network. You can buy the Thermomix Friends® on its own, without the bowl for the price of 399 euros, or directly with the TM6 bowl for 499 euros. There are currently no Thermomix® Thermomix Friends® packages for sale. Good to know: you cannot use the Thermomix Friends alone, it works with the TM6 or TM5.

Are you convinced, the Thermomix® robot is for you? All you have to do is make one of the many easy-to-reproduce recipes! For inspiration, you can also buy one of the Thermomix cookbooks. There is something for everyone: express recipes, everyday cooking, brunch, gourmet desserts, light cooking, soups… It is also possible to consult recipes directly on the Recipes Space website, or go to the Cookidoo site, on which more than 8000 guided recipes are offered. When purchasing your Thermomix, you will also receive free access to Cookidoo for 6 months. Great novelty, Cookidoo offers you a new feature and allows you to offer your own recipes on the platform in the “My Creations” tab to find them each time you use your Thermomix®.

The purchase of a Thermomix robot is only possible through direct sales, during demonstrations organized at home via Thermomix agencies. How does it happen ? You organize a workshop at home with friends to discover the food processor. An advisor comes to present its various features to you and makes you test it by making recipes that you have previously chosen. There is of course no obligation to purchase following this appointment. If you are convinced, then you can order your Thermomix which will then be delivered to your home. Recently, Vorwerk has also opened two stores, one in Paris and one in Marseille, where you can also discover this all-purpose robot, and then place an order for it to be delivered directly to your home. Count about fifteen days before receiving it at home. However, you cannot leave directly with the robot under your arm, Vorwerk manufactures its Thermomix® on demand, the shops therefore only have the robots for demonstrations and cooking lessons. Then you can order all kinds of accessories or cookbooks directly from the online store.

Since 2017, it is possible to discover, test and do cooking lessons with Thermomix in a Parisian shop. You can also order the food processor directly in store. It is located in the Opera district, 5 – 7 Boulevard des Capucines, in the second arrondissement of Paris. Recently, Vorwerk opened a second concept store, in the heart of Marseille to allow Marseille city dwellers to live the Thermomix experience during in-store workshops before making the purchase. This second store is located at 9 Quai du Lazaret, 13002 Marseille.