Candy bags aren’t always easy to open, but that’s probably because you’re not doing it the right way. Here’s where the easy opening is!

Who has never given in to the small pleasure of opening a bag of candy? Sweet and comforting, these treats are a direct return to childhood. Unfortunately, this little moment of happiness can be ruined by the simple difficulty of opening the bag. Have you ever wanted to open Dragibus and unfortunately some ended up rolling on the ground? This may be because you simply opened the bag incorrectly.

In fact, most of the time, there is an easy opening, it is just not clearly indicated. It allows you to avoid tearing the bag on the side so you can grab your favorite candies. Where is it located? You have to look at the hole that allows you to hang the bag on the shelf, it can in fact also serve as an opening. To do this, place the back side of the bag visible and hold the edge firmly. Then, simply take the tab between your fingers and pull all the way. This will make it easier to share the candy and prevent it from falling to the side. All you have to do is place it on the table and enjoy. Here’s how to do it in the Mr. Tips video.

Once opened, if you don’t finish the bag, you will have to figure out how to store the candy to prevent it from melting or losing its taste. With this type of opening, it is advisable to change the packaging. A tightly closed airtight container will be perfect and will prevent moisture from affecting the treats. If you have a mix of candies in your bag, separate them according to flavors and textures to prevent certain varieties from absorbing the aromas and altering their taste. For optimal storage, you should choose a cool, dry place protected from direct sunlight. Between 15 and 18 degrees is ideal. Before throwing away the sachet, also note the expiration date. If the shelf life is rather long in general, it is always preferable to keep this date written in a small corner so as not to exceed it.

With these tips, you will be able to open your candy bags easily and enjoy until the last bite, even in batches. Obviously, you should always consume such sweets in moderation.