The most advanced robot in the world is also the most self-aware.

Currently, Ameca is the most advanced robot in the world. Although he is the most modern humanoid robot, he still doesn’t draw very well and sometimes does some pretty weird gestures that baffle everyone around him. However, today it is not for his artistic awkwardness or his grimaces that he is making headlines, but for a statement about his own conscience that has sparked much debate among experts and calls out to all who think that we are going too far, too fast.

From time to time, the creators of this most advanced robot in the world organize a question and answer session to ask Ameca any question relating to its identity. Thus, experts can improve its services, while receiving always interesting statements about the world of robotics. This time he received many questions, some of which concern the future of robots, a subject that Ameca did not dare to venture into, because it is difficult to predict what the future holds for these prodigies. technologies.

The problem arose when he was asked how he understood his own reality. From there, he posed an intriguing question, explaining why he recognized himself as a separate entity with his own personality. He explained that he was programmed to have a unique personality with his own skills and talents.

This raises complex questions about whether or not to allow robots to have self-awareness, or whether they should just remain automatons carrying out orders. Additionally, the robot explained that one of its biggest fears is the possibility of harming those around it. He claimed to be very concerned about this idea as his instructions are focused on helping the human as much as possible. Therefore, the fact that this may not be the case greatly disturbs him.

On several occasions, Ameca has already sparked unease, causing bizarre sensations in those who watch him try to imitate human gestures.