OpenAI unveiled its new ChatGPT4-o model during its conference held this Monday, May 13. The new version is notably capable of chatting like a real human.

The war on the Artificial Intelligence market has been raging in recent days. While Google is eagerly awaited regarding its announcements in the field, the company OpenAI did not hesitate to overtake its direct competitor by also organizing its own event.

During its conference, which featured a demonstration worthy of a science fiction film, OpenAi revealed an update to its famous ChatGPT-4 model. The new ChatGPT 4-o version whose “o” comes from the word “omnimodel” refers to the multimodal nature of this brand new chatbot. But more concretely, what are the improvements that result from this?

The OpenAi company has released a press release which details all the notable improvements for this update. The new version is described as faster, more efficient and with better audio, image and text interpretation capabilities. That’s why ChatGPT’s speed has been significantly improved: “it can respond to audio input in just 232 milliseconds, with an average of 320 milliseconds.” A time similar to human response capacity. In addition, OpenAI is taking the opportunity to improve its API for communicating with ChatGPT from another application. Now the API is twice as fast and 50% cheaper than its previous versions.

During the conference, particular emphasis was placed on the voice option capable of understanding and chatting with its users. Among the examples of the many demonstrations that have been made, the new ChatGPT Voice would be able to read the emotions on a human’s face, using the smartphone camera, and guide them to do breathing exercises, solve a math problem or even read a story. Conversations would be made more fluid since the user is able to interrupt ChatGPT if they wish. Another advance is notable in terms of language since the ChatGPT 4_o model is capable of translating languages ​​in real time. In addition to English, the most widely spoken language in the world, texts can be translated into more languages ​​thanks to the new performance of ChatGPT-4 Turbo.

But the strong point of this new version lies above all in its accessibility. Until now, ChatGPT-4 was only available to users who subscribed to ChatGPT Plus or had a corporate subscription. From now on, ChatGPT 4_o is free for everyone, including those who don’t even have an OpenAI account. As a result, subscribing to ChatGPT Plus would become less attractive.

This version should be deployed in the “coming weeks” according to the Californian start-up. Please note, however, that ChatGPT Plus users have already benefited from the latest version of the AI ​​since its official announcement.