This Thursday evening, the majority party will designate its head of list for the European elections. A name is already circulating everywhere.

The European elections will take place on June 9. Week after week, the different parties reveal their head of list. Thus, Jordan Bardella took the head of the National Rally list, Raphaël Glucksmann of the Socialist Party, Manon Aubry of France Insoumise, Marion Maréchal Le Pen will represent Reconquête! and François-Xavier Bellamy Les Républicains. Only absent: the candidate from the presidential party list, Renaissance.

According to Franceinfo, the answer should come this evening during the Renaissance executive office. One name comes up insistently, that of Valérie Hayer. The politician was a municipal councilor of Saint-Denis-d’Anjou at the age of 21 and joined the departmental council of Mayenne in 2015. Then joined Emmanuel Macron, since April 2021 she has been president of the Association for a European Renaissance. After Stéphane Séjourné entered the government, she took the helm of Renew Europe in the European Parliament. Coming from a farming family, this argument must have weighed in the current context.

However, according to Politico, the elected official has still not received, on the eve of the announcement of the head of the list, the slightest call from Emmanuel Macron to confirm her nomination. Another name had also been circulated: that of Clément Beaune, former Minister of Transport. The name of the deputy was notably submitted by Edouard Philippe. The latter would also have been invited to the dinner at the Elysée which should follow this designation. The former Prime Minister is no doubt hoping to place members of his Horizons party later in the list.

The Renaissance list should, in fact, be made up of candidates from Renaissance and its allies such as MoDem, Horizons and the Radical Party. The name of Stéphane Séjourné had been mentioned at number 2 but ultimately according to Playbook, he would be much lower in the list. He could leave this place to MEP Bernard Guetta, a specialist in international geopolitics. Among the possible names, we also find Pascal Canfin, president of the Environment Committee in the European Parliament. That being said, there is no certainty regarding the immediate announcement of the rest of the list since the filing must only be made on May 6.

The majority will launch its campaign on March 9 in Lille with its slogan “Need for Europe”. According to an Odoxa poll published this Tuesday for Public Senate, the majority party is not in pole position for the elections. The National Rally would be in the lead with an 11-point lead, or 30% of voting intentions compared to 19% for Renaissance.