A teacher returned to her classroom and found a wad of 50 euro notes for a total amount of 1900 euros. Students expected something in return.

Teachers sometimes find funny surprises during their lessons. A teacher did not expect to discover, a few days ago, a wad of 50 euro notes spread out on one of the tables in her classroom. In total, no less than 1900 euros in cash. The money was accompanied by a letter signed by two students. The teacher shared the photo of the tickets on social media with a message: “My work is wonderful. Arriving in class and finding this among two students,” she commented on X.

The post has already racked up more than three million views and 24,000 likes. There were many reactions, with some even wondering if they were real tickets. Many suspect the two students concerned of having printed tickets to play a prank or deceive their people. María Jesús, the Spanish teacher at the heart of the buzz, did not respond on this point.

On the other hand, we know why the students wanted to give her this beautiful gift: the money was intended to bribe the teacher to get an extra point in their average. “Dear María Jesús. We are offering you, on the initiative of your increase of one point in average, this package of 1900 euros”, wrote one of the students initiating the generous donation. Some Internet users were then very perplexed: “Wonderful? These two deserve a serious beating for trying to bribe a teacher. It’s an attitude that is far from being a correct education if they think it’s good and it must be said that it is bad.” Conversely, others congratulate the young girls: “These girls clearly understand how the world works.  They will succeed in everything they do.”

To obtain the best grades from teachers, there are those who prepare an argument, those who prefer to play on affect and therefore, from now on, those who pay. Corruption and bribery can thus begin at a young age. Instead of getting to that point, there are some little tips you can use to get better grades, not to mention revising more.

According to the ideas of sociologist Pierre Merle, taken up by Franceinfo, it would be preferable to have your copy in the first third of the correction pile. There is, in fact, less comparison and less risk of prior annoyance of the corrector. Being seen as a hardworking student would also be important. According to the sociologist, teachers give a better grade when they look at the paper of a good student.