STORAGE – To save space and always have a well-organized interior, storage has become a priority. Optimize space, hide objects in a decorative way, integrate storage furniture in each room… Find all our tips and tricks for an always tidy home!

Having a messy interior can quickly undermine morale! Here are some tips for successfully organizing and optimizing storage in each room.

Even if you regularly sort through your closets, it’s not always easy to find your way through your clothes. There are many practical and clever solutions for organizing your dressing room, chests of drawers and clothes closets: made-to-measure dressing rooms, storage boxes, accessories for hanging ties and scarves, clever coat racks, double wardrobes, optimized folding, ingenious accessories… Find more all our ideas and tips for an optimized and well thought-out wardrobe, for clothes that are always tidy.

For the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom… There are a multitude of smarter storage options to allow you to organize yourself better, but also to keep your house or apartment tidy at all times. Sometimes it’s enough just to put a shelf in the right place to free up space or to slide small storage units wherever they can’t be seen to declutter. Clever and decorative, we give you all our best ideas for storing everything!

A kitchen should be pretty, but above all practical! Often small, we lack cupboards to store everything and space to cook! Sometimes you have to be ingenious to store your dishes and household appliances without cluttering up the worktop. Spice drawers, half-shelves, corner cupboard, shelf above the door, cabinet for storing bottles… We give you all our decorative tips for better organizing your kitchen, without leaving style aside. The kitchen is above all a living room in which you should feel good!

Whether your entrance is small, large or open to the living room, it’s the first thing you see when you come home. There’s no question of leaving coats, shoes and bags lying around… You have to think of style, of course, but also of accessories and furniture to organize and hide everything. There are many clever storage spaces, but also decorative ones to make your entrance practical and pleasant thanks to optimized storage.

Storing your shoes is not an easy task… We like to accumulate them, but it takes up space and we don’t know where to store them anymore! To prevent your entrance or bedroom from looking like a shoe store, here are some well-thought-out techniques for storing your sneakers, pumps and boots, as well as tips for choosing the right shoe cabinet that will fit perfectly into your interior.

It is essential to choose your bathroom furniture with care in order to be able to store all the necessary toiletries: towels, care, cosmetics and make-up, hair dryer… Between the bathtub or the shower and the sink, there is often little space to organize everything and install storage furniture. Remember to install a piece of furniture under your basin, to put shelves high up and above your door in order to occupy the different volumes available. Don’t forget the clever accessories for storage in the shower or bathtub so you always have your shampoo and shower gel close at hand.

The rooms in the attic or under the stairs, because of their atypical shape, are often difficult to arrange, however, there is no question of leaving these spaces behind in order to gain m²! All it takes is a little imagination to install smart storage and furniture. A bookcase, shelves, cupboards with sliding doors, shoe storage, drawers under the stairs, a dressing room… There are many pieces of furniture that can adapt to this type of space.