Last March, a schoolgirl was violently attacked in the gymnasium of a college in Sochaux. A filmed scene which led to the arrest of six young girls this week.

Monday April 29, 2024, several schoolgirls were arrested after a student was beaten, in the locker room of the gymnasium of the Jouffroy d’Abbans college in Sochaux (Doubs), by another student on March 28, we learn from the Is Republican. The events took place before a physical education and sports (PE) class, the 14-year-old girl was beaten up by a student of the establishment, under the eyes of five other classmates who filmed and broadcast the scene.

The student in question would have been disliked by another for inappropriate comments. When changing, just before sports class, words, slaps, punches, and more blows were exchanged according to information from Est Républicain. Five young girls filmed the scene. “The avalanche of blows ended when one of the girls who was filming told him to stop” indicates the public prosecutor of Montbéliard, Paul-Edouard Lallois.

The videos were shared between students, until reaching the victim. She went to the Montbéliard police station on March 30 to file a complaint and show a video to the police. After a medical examination of the young girl, two days of ITT were ordered and post-traumatic anxiety diagnosed.

Marked by a feeling of shame, the victim decided to skip school for the rest of the day. The other students had gone to class, as in a normal day. The perpetrator, as well as the students who filmed the scene, were easily identified by the National Education services and the police. All of them are on the videos. Furthermore, the Public Prosecutor recalls that “the simple fact of filming this scene exposes them – the authors of the videos – to the same sanctions as if they had given blows”.

This Thursday, the student who carried out the beating, aged 15, was taken into police custody. She will be presented to the prosecution this Friday, March 3. On Monday, she was permanently excluded from her college. The five “videographers” were arrested and taken into police custody on Monday. A disciplinary council against them was ordered by the school. They partially admitted the facts, some were allegedly threatened and forced to film the scene by the perpetrator. In July 2024, the six defendants will face the children’s court.