Three national education unions are calling for the movement to continue with a new day of mobilization next week. They specify their demands.

“To win, you have to keep the action going!” Hammers the SNES-FSU on its site. The majority secondary education union is launching a joint call with the CGT and SUD for a new day of mobilization in schools, colleges and high schools on Tuesday February 6. The movement therefore continues, after a first strike on Thursday February 1 which mobilized 20% of the National Education workforce according to the ministry. The unions, for their part, recorded 40% of strikers in primary schools and 47% in secondary schools.

Three main slogans are announced for Tuesday: the revaluation of teachers’ salaries, opposition to several measures of the “shock of knowledge” presented by Gabriel Attal in September and the rejection of the new Minister of National Education, Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, entangled in controversies since her appointment.

Among the measures announced by Attal, the mobilized teachers are opposed to the establishment of level groups in middle school in French and mathematics, fearing a “social sorting” from the sixth grade. They also oppose the revision of the primary school program by 2025 and point out the lack of resources to implement the more systematic repetitions desired by the government. The CGT Éduc’action “also deplores the outdated vision of the school, illustrated by the desire to put in place the single outfit and the generalization of the SNU”, indicates the union in its press release.

The unions finally denounce the government’s attitude towards the teaching profession, crystallized by the declarations of the new Minister of Education on the Littré school: “The remarks of Amélie Oudéa-Castera, denigrating public schools and its staff show the extent to which National Education is despised by those in power,” writes the CGT.

The Snes-FSU calls for “diversified actions” throughout the week, “questioning of elected officials, meetings with parents, establishment AGM, installation of banners, communication to the local press”.