Quite upset, the environmentalist MP Sandrine Rousseau spoke about the presentation of the national order of merit by Emmanuel Macron to the singer Michel Sardou.

As revealed in Le Nouvel Obs, singer Michel Sardou will be decorated with the insignia of grand officer of the national order of merit by the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron himself. News entered in the Official Journal in a decree of November 29, 2023. The ceremony is planned for June 2024, at the Elysée. This news did not fail to provoke a reaction from the Europe Écologie Les Verts (EELV) MP, Sandrine Rousseau.

A committed feminist, she did not go into detail when giving her opinion on Michel Sardou’s next decoration: “The patriarchy will fall, it is already wavering. But they will all decorate each other first” she indicated on X (ex-Twitter) Tuesday April 9. A way for her to bring Emmanuel Macron and Michel Sardou face to face.

Remember that the singer attacked the MP during one of the concerts of his last tour. For her part, she had already asked the successful singer to shut “his mouth” when the latter had joked about her husband: “Sandrine Rousseau’s husband, frankly, poor guy. We shouldn’t take a walk to help this poor guy man? My poor boy, what did you stumble upon?” he said in January 2023 on BFMTV. One thing is certain, these two will not go on vacation together.

And Sandrine Rousseau is not the only one to have reacted to the announcement of Michel Sardou’s future decoration. Socialist senator Laurence Rossignol made an unequivocal tweet: “I want to rape women, to force them to admire me. We are reassured, it’s just the expression of male discomfort . And it sure deserves a decoration!” she says on X, in reference to the lyrics of the song Les Villes de solitude by Michel Sardou, released in 1973.

For the entourage of the Head of State, Michel Sardou is “a popular figure who has spanned the decades, he has thrilled generations from 7 to 77 years old, as such, it is legitimate to decorate him” he said. -we let you know on BFMTV. “He was able to diagnose, decades before Michel Houellebecq, male discomfort in his texts” praises a close friend of the president as reported by Le Nouvel Obs.

“It’s incredible why he (Emmanuel Macron) awarded him the order of merit. It’s because he understood male discomfort thirty years before anyone else. First of all, remember that discomfort masculine is a kind of constant in our history. He objectively has a career that he deserves, and we salute it when he stops, there I have no doubt. But really not about the masculine crisis, pity ” regretted Sandrine Rousseau, this Tuesday on BFMTV.