SALES 2023. The summer sales begin their third markdown with new offers offered at CDiscount, Amazon, Fnac, Lidl, and many others. Find our selections of the best promotions!

The third markdown from the summer sales seems off to a good start! Several brands are still participating in the operation by unveiling new very attractive offers. This is particularly the case of CDiscount which offers an HP Victus laptop PC for 300 euros less with the summer sales!

Still in the high-tech category and still at Samsung, find great promotions on a smartphone model. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is on sale and its price drops by almost 500 euros on the Rakuten site.

The summer sales giving the opportunity for discounts on several products, L’Internaute selects for you some of the best promotions available at the moment from different merchants. Find our selections of offers offered as part of the 2023 summer sales (or not) and likely to interest you.

The summer sales started on Wednesday June 28 in a majority of departments as well as on the net. It is now possible to take advantage of many promotions at several major brands. Be careful though: the best price drops tend to sell out very quickly! So don’t wait too long if you find a great promotion online or in store. Find the best offers currently available on the official websites of your favorite stores that are currently participating in the 2023 summer sales.

Amazon does not participate directly in the summer sales. The website, leader in e-commerce, still offers several flash sales that may interest you. Check out some of the best promotions available at Amazon alongside the Summer Sale:

Amazon also offers several big deals on entire product lines during its flash sales. Find some of the best promotions currently available on the sidelines of the 2023 summer sales on the Amazon site:

Fnac is one of the brands most involved in the sales each year. Many promotions are available throughout the period of the event with regularly some novelties during markdowns. Find some of the best promotions currently offered by Fnac on its official website for the 2023 summer sales:

Darty is teaming up with Fnac to offer big promotions during the 2023 summer sales. Whether it’s household appliances or laptops, it’s possible to find attractive offers throughout the duration of the event.

Among the latest offers highlighted at Darty, there are also several rather interesting price reductions depending on what you are looking for during the 2023 summer sales:

Lidl is regularly scrutinized for its various big promotions. The brand often makes the front page of websites and Facebook groups thanks to its equipment that is both efficient and inexpensive. Find some of the best offers currently offered by Lidl as part of the 2023 summer sales:

Note that some references offered on sale are only available in your physical Lidl stores. Don’t hesitate to visit the site to find all the offers near you.

Rakuten regularly offers excellent low prices. The site currently has an excellent offer based on coupons, but also additional prize pool on private sales with 30% Rakuten points on your purchases. Here are some very good promotions currently available on the Rakuten site during the summer sales:

CDiscount regularly takes part in the summer sales. The brand offers many barred prices all year round, but even more so during promotional periods such as sales or French Days. There was little doubt about the return of CDiscount during the summer sales, and the official website of the sign therefore offers several great promotions on different products.

It’s hard to talk about the sales without mentioning Boulanger. The brand regularly participates in the event by offering attractive promotional offers. This year again, find multiple products with crossed out prices on different selections.

The 2023 summer sales have been launched since Wednesday, June 28. However, this date does not concern the whole of French territory since some departments have staggered dates (and to be found further down in this article).

Note that this year, the Alpes-Maritimes and the Pyrénées-Orientales have the same dates as the majority of French departments. These two departments previously had a short week lag compared to the rest of mainland France.

The sales are usually held for four full weeks. Several markdowns will also be organized in order to offer new promotions. We will follow the wave of offers live with the best price reductions.

The DOM-TOMs do not necessarily have the same dates for the 2023 summer sales. The inhabitants of the overseas departments can therefore refer to the different dates linked to their location in order to prepare for future promotions to come. Find all the dates of the 2023 summer sales for the Overseas departments:

The dates of the 2023 summer sales markdowns are often highly sought after. These periods generally correspond to the best deals. The participants in the event do not fail to propose new offers, or to reinforce those already existing with the 2nd and 3rd markdowns. These usually take place during the second and third week of the sales.

The second markdown of the summer sales has been taking place since Wednesday, July 5, while the third markdown has been launched since the middle of the month. New offers are now being offered by certain merchants in order to rekindle interest in the summer sales during these periods.

The 2023 summer sales were originally supposed to end on Tuesday, July 25 in a majority of departments. Following the various riots that have shaken the country in recent days, Olivia Grégoire, Minister Delegate for Trade, announced the extension of the sales for a week. The 2023 summer sales will thus end on August 1st.

This date is chosen by the government, and should allow the event to take place over several weeks, and thus offer many promotions. Also note that the balances are used to being affected by often highly anticipated markdown periods.

The different markdown dates are at the discretion of the merchants, but are generally offered every week. The second week of sales usually represents the second markdown, and so on. These periods are ideal for finding both new and existing, but reinforced price drops.