Russian Andrey Rublev was disqualified in the semi-final of the Dubai tournament.

We know his hot blood, Andrey Rublev exceeded the limit during the semi-final of the Dubai 500 tournament this Friday March 1st. Facing the Kazakh Alexandre Bublik, not the most calm on the field either, the Russian accused a line judge of “fucking moron” (according to certain images and reports from people on site) after the latter did not give a foul ball .

In Russian in the text, the player perhaps thought that the insult would go unnoticed but no luck, the linesman speaks fluent Russian and reported to the referee who summoned the main steward who announced his disqualification after asking the last winner of the Monte Carlo Tournament if he had correctly made the remarks noted. Rublev and Bublik were at the end of the 3rd set (7-6, 6-7, 6-5).