Renault has announced the upcoming arrival of a new family SUV in its range. Called Symbioz, it will be presented in April and delivered from next fall in a full hybrid version.

After the Austral in 2022 and the Rafale in 2023, Renault will release the Symbioz in 2024. The diamond brand revealed this Thursday, February 8, the name of its future family SUV, the same as it had given to its concept car on display in 2017 which, at the time, was presented as a connected, electric and autonomous sedan. The French manufacturer therefore finally favored the design of an additional SUV to meet the still strong demand in the segment.

Announced at 4m41, the compact and family SUV will sit between the Captur (4m23) and the Austral (4m51) as a hybrid alternative to the Scénic (4m47), the new version of which, 100% electric, will be delivered to dealerships from of spring. The Symbioz will wait until next fall to make its first spin, but it will be fully revealed in April. After sharing a few photos, Renault confirms that the Symbioz will feature “the brand’s new design” and ensures that it will have “all the assets to satisfy families with generous roominess and a large loading volume.”

In the first images provided, we can see a raised station wagon profile, undoubtedly intended to replace the Megane Estate. The manufacturer, however, remained quite brief on the exterior details of its new model, preferring to keep the suspense for a few more weeks. We still know that the Symbioz will be equipped with the new Solarbay panoramic glass roof inaugurated on the Rafale. Inside, the OpenR Link multimedia system with the 10-inch central touch screen is expected on board.

Under the hood, the Symbioz – name chosen by the brand to promote “living together” – is not intended to be exclusively electrified. But the SUV, designed on the CFM-B platform like the Captur, will accommodate several hybrid versions even if it should initially be launched with the 145-horsepower 1.6 E-Tech engine. Numerous hybrid versions should follow as well as a dual-fuel gasoline and LPG engine. Finally, the Symbioz is announced at less than 1,500 kilos with “reduced fuel consumption.” A weight, less than 1,600 kilos, which will therefore not penalize its future owners when it comes to paying for their parking in the streets of Paris…