At the end of 2023, Emmanuel Macron arranged to meet the French in January. He is scheduled to speak at 8:15 p.m. this Tuesday evening. But to announce what? Among the many hypotheses, that of a referendum.

After the reshuffle last week, Emmanuel Macron continues in this same dynamic the launch of the second part of his five-year term. At the beginning of December, the Head of State had arranged to meet the French in January during confidences made to Le Monde. After weeks of suspense, the long-awaited day has finally arrived. Emmanuel Macron is due to hold a press conference this Tuesday, January 16, 2024, at 8:15 p.m. An exercise that the president has not followed since April 25, 2019, following the Yellow Vest crisis – if we of course forget those held during his second presidential campaign, recalls Le Parisien.

After almost five years without a press conference, what can we expect from this meeting which will be broadcast on TF1, France 2 and the various continuous news channels? “It will be about the destiny of the nation,” assured an Elysée advisor to Politico, who tried to find out more, obviously without much success either with the Elysée which persists in talking about the question of “civic rearmament” and “announcements”. Contrary to what a general policy declaration might require, however, there should be no question of detailing a “legislative calendar”, it is claimed. Good news for Gabriel Attal who would not see the rug pulled from under him, as was the case for Édouard Philippe in his time. The new Prime Minister must indeed make his general policy declaration next week.

But Politico reports that some interlocutors indulged in more original hypotheses, one of them going so far as to mention an “institutional reform” and, why not even, a referendum. A speculation also mentioned by a Renaissance executive, who specifies for his part that the said referendum would concern “several questions” and even “several subjects”, the aim not being to “divide the country in two”.